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Men Thongs

A favorite in South America, men thongs are daring, cheeky, practical and fun. The benefits of wearing men thongs are numerous: comfort, increasing you package size. Basketball players have been caught wearing thongs because its easier to move in them. Malebasics has it all, you can choose from tiny little see through Malebasics eroticwear, classic men thong and g-strings, sexy sheer thongs to swimwear thongs. All in all, a spicy selection! Did you know that exercising at home while wearing just a thong, will prevent getting your clothing to get full of sweaty body odor. You’ll not only save money by doing less laundry – it’s environmentally friendly. Be bold, sexy and green while doing it! You won't regret it.

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  1. Joe Snyder Man Up

    • Black
    • Lace Purple
    • Black Lace
    • White Lace
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    Joe Snyder Man Up - Man up! - Extra Push for your goods - Do we need to say more? Really Learn More

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