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Sexy Men Trunks

Trunks as men's underwear are a shorter version of boxer briefs and made in modern and traditional cuts. Malebasics offer a good selection of sexy men trunks in lace and in a variety of intricate styles. Don't wanna show your butt? No problem. Wearing sexy trunks will still give you the feeling of wearing a sexy lace thong but in a masculine and classic cut. Trunks are one of the most timeless underwear shapes in the world that you can't afford to ignore. Wearing sexy trunks will give you a shot of daily confidence to boost your day and your dates. When we say that underwear is the foundation for any outfit, get into it and try a sexy trunk! You might be surprised.

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  1. Malebasics Men's Lace Boyshort

    • Small/Medium
    • Large/X-Large
    More options are available.

    Features pouch and comes in two sizes.

    • Brightness colors available 
    • Delicate yet durable construction
    • Sizing: Malebasics Erotic wear offers 2 sizes; S/M and L/XL 
    • mens lingerie Lace 
    • Nylon 85% Spandex 15%
    Learn More

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