5 tips to maintain a great moustache

They all say that the moustache is the new beard. Didn’t you know? Don’t be fooled, moustaches are timeless. Whether you’re sporting one for Movember or simply because you like rocking it, a moustache (like a beard) need a little lovin’ if it’s to look its best (like we know you already invest in your briefs so…)


We’ve rallied down the best tips to help you with your moustache maintenance.

Get Scrubbing
Use a good face scrub to remove any unwanted dead skin cells building up in your moustache, particularly in the early stages of letting it grow.

Don’t Forget the Shampoo and Conditioner
Your facial hair can be very coarse, which can make your skin feel dry and itchy. Try using a little two-in-one shampoo and hair conditioner to keep your moustache clean and conditioned.

Cut it When Dry
Do try to trim a wet moustache. Wet hair is heavier and will hang longer. When it dries and retracts you may find you’ve trimmed too much.

Give it Some Wax
While some like to keep their mo as natural, some maintenance is needed from time to time. For special occasions, you might want to give your ‘tache a little treat and get out the moustache wax to give it some definition.

Our favorite is the Groom mustache wax– it smells very manly and a little goes a long way. Warm between your fingers thoroughly before applying.

Groom Mustache Wax and Comb

Get a good comb
A moustache comb is an excellent investment if you’re growing a Mo. Not only can you use it to evenly distribute moustache wax and help part your moustache in the middle, it’s also a useful aid when trimming.


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