7 Essentials Every Man Should Have in Their Home 

Just like what you wear, your home says a lot about you. The furniture you choose, the art on the walls, the utensils in the kitchen, they are all a testament to who you are. That is why it’s important to think carefully about what you put in your home. Below, we’ve compiled a list of 7 essential items every man should have in their home.


Every man should have a quality set of glassware in their apartment. And no, we’re not talking about a set of mismatched coffee mugs. Instead, you should have a matching set of at least four wine glasses, old fashioned glasses, and beer glasses. 

A Houseplant

A touch of greenery can liven up any pad. Look for big, statement plants and place them in a sun-filled corner of your home. Easy-to-care-for plants include succulents, ZZ plants, pothos, and cacti. However, if you’re adamant you have a true black thumb, then look for a realistic-looking fake plant. Even faux flora will brighten a room.

Soft Towels

Soft towels are another essential every man should have in their home. Terry cloth or organic cotton towels are a good place to start. And remember to buy a matching set that contains a mix of sizes – bath towels, hand towels, and face towels. 

A Bed Frame

If you’re no longer in college, then there’s no excuse for you to be sleeping on a mattress on the floor. A bed frame (and ideally a box spring too) is a must for any man living in their own home. While we’re talking about beds, we also recommend investing in a quality mattress. Sure, they might cost a little more up front, but they’ll last longer than their cheap counterparts. Think of it as a decade-long investment in a good night’s sleep.

Wall Art 

No one likes staring at blank walls. Wall art is an easy way for you to give your place a little personality. And there are so many different directions you can go in. From paintings to drawings to photographs, gallery walls to one large statement piece, express yourself however you like. But whatever you do, get something up on your wall and make sure to frame it. 

Cooking Utensils

Every man’s kitchen should be stocked with at least a basic set of cooking utensils. Even if cooking isn’t your favourite activity, you should still be equipped with the most essential of kitchen items. We’re talking about a chef’s knife, a paring knife, a serrated knife, tongs, a whisk, a metal or silicone spatula, measuring spoons, measuring cups, a casserole dish, and of course, a set of pots and pans. 

A Well-Stocked Underwear Drawer

Finally, no man should live without a well-stocked underwear drawer. A man’s underwear drawer should include everyday essentials, like cotton boxers or briefs, as well as microfibre underwear for working out and perhaps a few pairs for sexy nights in. In essence, your top drawer should be filled with quality underwear for every occasion.


Everything You Need For A Beach Weekend Getaway

Summer is underway, which means it’s time to start planning a weekend getaway. Whether you’re hitting the pool, the beach, or chilling lakeside this summer, there are a few items you’ll need for your trip. Keep reading to discover exactly what you’ll need for your next weekend getaway. 

Weekender Bag

First thing’s first, you’ll need a bag that will hold everything you need for the weekend. For this we recommend the classic weekender bag. A chic version of a duffel, weekenders are the perfect size for a two or three day getaway. They contain the perfect amount of space for the other items on this list, plus all the essentials (underwear, toiletries, etc…). 


Our #1 skincare tip? Wear sunscreen! Whether you’re heading out on a beach getaway or not, sunscreen should be a key part of your skincare routine. Find a mineral sunscreen that’s at least SPF 30 to apply daily, whether you’re laying on the beach or not. If going to the pool or beach, be sure to apply sunscreen half an hour before stepping outside and to reapply promptly after swimming. There’s no quicker way to ruin a vacation than with a painful sunburn on day one! 


Complete your beach look while protecting your eyes from the sun’s harsh UV rays with a pair of sunglasses. Round and geometric-shaped sunglasses are in for 2021, as are colourful frames. However, you can also never go wrong with a pair of aviators or wayfarers. 

Beach Towel 

Whatever you do, don’t quickly grab a bath towel from your closet and hit the beach. Instead, opt for a true beach towel, one that is made of terry cloth or cotton and is bigger. Ideally, choose a bath towel that is about three quarters as long as your height, so that most of your body will be on top of the towel when laying on the sand. Bonus points if you find a beach towel made of a sustainable material like organic cotton. 

Trendy Swim Trunks

Last but not least, no beach getaway is complete without a trendy swimsuit (or multiple). Men’s swim trends for 2021 include floral patterns, animal prints, nautical-inspired, matching top and swimsuit sets, and non-trunk styles like bikinis, briefs, and thongs. In essence, have some fun with your swimwear this season. Malebasics has tons of on-trend swimsuits to suit every style. 

Are we losing our summer break?

Who doesn’t dream the whole year with the summer break? We all have many expectations of our summer plans and I am sure that if we all had known in December of last year what would happen in 2020, everybody would have acted very differently.

Some countries are having currently more productive life than others, but still moving from one place to another keep being tough. You have to be desperate or in real need to take the adventure of travelling right now.

So, what are people doing?

It is not a secret that many people are scared of going out, however, what facts are showing are that people are travelling by car, not by plane -this is a generalization, of course- and that people are not planning ahead their summer breaks. They are making plans on the go.

Safe and local holidays

It seems nonsense to spend lots of money in plane tickets if you want to visit a city or country that ask you to be under quarantine for 14 days once you have landed or if the place doesn’t have open restaurants, for example. It is quite boring to have to think about all the things that you cannot do instead of the things that you actually want to do. This is how much COVID 19 has affected our lives.

Calm places. That is what people are looking for. After all these difficult times, people are opting for places near home and where they can relax and enjoy without the necessity of interacting with others, plus the fact of not having expensive holidays as the economic situation is not the best at the moment either.

COVID-free hotels are part of Google trends now! Unbelievable, but people nowadays want to enjoy whilst thinking of safety. This is why people are also opting for websites and Apps like Airbnb when choosing accommodation. Hotels can be risky due to the amount of people that are circulating in the same place.

Changes are here to stay! that is a statement that we must get used to, however, we like to see the glass half full and this can also be good for local and little shops, hotels and industries in general.



The charming Italy

What can you buy for 1 €? Or if you are not in Europe, think of the same question, but adapted to your currency. I bet that just a couple of silly things come to your mind: toothpaste, umbrellas, junky food… But what would you do if I tell you that you can buy a house for 1 €?

Mind-blowing, isn’t it?! And the best is that it is true. Can you imagine yourself living in the lovely country of Italy? Old houses that need to be rebuilt are being sold for this affordable price with the idea of attracting new residents and tourists to these almost unoccupied towns.

Exactly as in the films. This is how 1€ houses look like.

I have to be honest, these towns are not located in the big cities, but are still an amazing alternative for those looking for summer houses, are retired or enjoy a simple and quiet life.

All these towns have something in common: the most beautiful landscapes and views. They all are located near volcanoes and islands with stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Peace is what you will get in exchange, so be prepared for silence. These pretty towns are in Sicilia, Piamonte, Marche, Campania, Toscana, Lazio, Cerdeña, and Abruzzo.

What do you need to get yours?

 It changes from town to town, but in general, you just need to invest at least € 15,000 in the property during the next 3 years after getting it. An advance deposit of €5,000 will be required from you too, but with the possibility of claiming the money back after you have rebuilt the house.

This ambitious project has been out for people since 2008, but seems to have a bigger impact after Covid-19, as this country was highly affected by the pandemic. However, many of these towns are virus-free, so you can be sure that everything is gonna be fine!






Shame is the new success

As you scroll on your screen on Instagram you realize how many businesses are doing advertisement. There is nothing new in this statement, right? However, what is new is that 90% of this sponsored content is coming from new little shops that people are developing at home.

Are you supporting your friend’s businesses?

Reinvent is probably the most said and fashionable word during these tough times. Many people have lost their jobs or their contract have been suspended, so the only solution for them has been to finally get the courage to follow their dreams and do what they have always loved.

What has changed? Nothing! And probably this is the worst time to think about launching a new business, nevertheless, people understood 2 things: 1-life is too short to have boring jobs 2- When there is nothing else for you to lose, you have to give your dreams a go.

And don’t get me wrong, if I say that this is the worst time to try a new path is just because people don’t have much money to spend at the moment, but what I must admit is that I have never seen so many people truly enjoying their life, even whilst facing the worst case of uncertainty in their lives.

When everyone’s lives start going back to normal, probably not all these great ideas will keep on going, but, for sure, it has taught me something… embarrassment is such a big turning point.

Just think for a minute, what would you do if you weren’t afraid of embarrassment? We care too much about other’s comments and thoughts, and let them define us. You don’t wear that sexy bikini because you are “too old”, “too fat”, “too gay” or “too provoking”.

Stop letting yourself for later and embrace that “shame”. The only reason why it affects us so much is because there is a small thought on our mind that thinks of it. We are always waiting to be reassured of the lies that we tell to ourselves and as soon as we know about people’s comments and thoughts, we say to ourselves “I am too stupid, I knew it”.

Hey, please! Stop being your worst enemy.



The best morning ritual

We all want the secret to be full of energy in the mornings. Sometimes we wake up in a very good mood, feeling that the world is ours, but there are other times when we don’t even want to get up from bed, but don’t worry! We have a really nice natural remedy for you to improve your health and mood.

Your best option when it comes to the improvement of your health

Is there a real morning ritual that we should follow in order to feel better with ourselves? The answer is YES! Apple cider vinegar. I know it must sound crazy for you, but this is something that even the science has managed to prove.

One of its best benefits is its ability to reduce the sugar levels in your blood. We know that we should avoid sugary foods, but sometimes it can be hard, so this can be amazingly helpful after those cheat meals. If you suffer from type 2 diabetes we highly recommend you to try it. Apple cider vinegar taken as first thing in the morning can reduce your sugar levels in 4%.

If you are looking for your bikini body, this morning ritual will be one of your favourites. Did you know that it can help you to lose the belly fat and with the weight loss in general? This powerful beverage will make you feel full and so, you will intake less calories.

But also, this kind of magical remedy can aid you in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and to keep down your cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

I know you might be wondering how you should take it. It is very easy. Just 2 tablespoons first thing in the morning with a glass of water. For better results, we recommend you to also have a healthy lifestyle. Remember to practice exercise at least 3 times a week and consume good quality food.



Can we go back to “normal life” after Covid-19?

Before talking about this as a possibility, I want you to think of the meaning of “normality” for you. The life that you were having before all this came across was truly sustainable for you in the future? Were you happy with your life or were you just living inside the comfortable discomfort?

What does “normal life” mean for you?

Everyone has lost something during this pandemic -for sure some people have lost more than others-, but still we have all lost either a family member, our job, part of our incomes or simply our peace. This lockdown has been very stressful for everyone!

“Normality” after Covid?

There are more and more countries opening their economies every day, however, what businesses are finding is that people think different now. Not everyone wants to go out because they are scared and people are definitely considering twice before investing their money on something.

Again, this is just a generalization and you might think that you want to go out no matter what, but let me ask you something… Now that you have the possibility of choosing many things in your life again, are you planning to make the same choices that you have done in the past?

Even if you think that the lockdown didn’t affect you at all because you are part of the small group of people that are very wealthy and don’t have any worries, let me tell you that you are wrong. You lost your freedom. There were times when you wanted to go out and you couldn’t or you wanted to share your time with someone and you couldn’t.

The best thing of this pandemic is that it affected the whole community without caring about money, races, gender, nationalities or religions. We are all united to fight this common enemy and act as a whole.

“Normal life” as we used to know it is never coming back because for the first time, we had to think in someone else apart from ourselves and this is an attitude that we shouldn’t lose. We can see how much this how affected us for good by seeing what is happening after George Floyd’s death, for example.

This crisis has taught us to love more and be more grateful for all the things we have. One day you have everything you need to be happy, but you never know what is happening next. So yes, next time you are about to behave as you used to do, think about it twice because this is a new opportunity that life, God -you name it- is giving to us. Take it!

Why should you travel more often?

Nothing excites more a person that the idea of going on holidays. Your mind is tasks-free and the only worry is to enjoy the moment, but could you picture yourself living in an endless holiday? Nowadays we get to see more and more people on social media that spend their lives travelling and sharing pictures exploring great places.

Travelling is not as expensive as you think, or maybe what I should tell you instead is that it doesn’t need to be. You can find lots of alternatives, but to be honest, the most important thing is to find your “why”.

Travelling is not as expensive as you think

Main reasons…

If you think that the only reason for travelling is to have nice shots on your Instagram feed, let me tell you that you are missing out on the whole experience. When you travel you have to be open to different stuff. You find that things are better or worse from what you are used to, but is a good opportunity to reflect and be grateful on little things.

On our normal busy lives we are too used to routines and stuff that we do like robots -without thinking- that we don’t even know how to react when something goes out of the plan. Travel to go out of your comfort zone. At the end of the trip, you will realise that you have hidden talents and you are able to do more things than you thought.

Learn from every little thing that you find: people, food and culture. This modern world has made us selfish. We often think that we are above anyone else when it is not true. We are all the same. What we all want is to be recognised and accepted.

When we travel we live in the present moment. We understand that here and now is all we have. The longer the trip, the bigger the knowledge that we take with us. Collect memories, not possessions.

Backpacking as a way of life?

Wherever you go you find backpackers. They are everywhere and have few characteristics in common: are very laid back, open to changes, and enjoy socialization. However, this is just a short and general description of them. But why is backpacking so attractive?

Let’s be honest, share a room at a hostel with strangers is not the coolest thing in the world. Every single person has been raised in different environments and has different backgrounds, so for sure not everyone will be as organized and clean as you. And you also have to be aware that some people snore and others, travel with their partner, so can be noisy and uncomfortable at times, nevertheless, for backpackers, these are just experiences.

The aim is just to travel

For them, people are just very interesting and they don’t see this as a problem. The aim is just to travel and discover as many places as possible and to do it money is key, so hostels are probably the best option.

Backpacking is something that real backpackers do for a minimum of 3 months, but to be honest, nowadays, there are plenty of people staying at hostels just because they cannot afford all the money to pay expensive hotels and instead of spending their savings in accommodation, they prefer to do it in food, tours and adventures in general.

The idea of backpacking is to take just the essentials with you in a backpack and go somewhere without the pressure of having to return on a certain date. You also start your trip in a specific place, but you never know where you will end up.

The reasons for going through journeys like this are multiple, but in general, people are looking for “life”. There is such a big difference between living and just existing, and many people are desperate to change their lives for something meaningful and full of fun.

The advantages of waking up early

The last 2 months have been chaotic for everyone worldwide, however for those who like to see the glass half full, it has been a good opportunity to spend more time with their families, as most of us have been working from home. But this is slowly getting back to normal. Are you prepared for early mornings again?

I know is difficult to wake up before 7 am, but did you know it has several advantages? People who go to sleep early and wake up early is more productive because when you are not rushing to get ready for work, you have the time to think properly and plan ahead your day, something that will increase your happiness and self-esteem. Why? You are more organized and for sure, you manage to do all the things you needed to.

Waking up early is just a healthy habit

If you start your day in calm you won’t feel stressed from early hours. Allow yourself to get a long shower and have breakfast without feeling pressure; if you just have a coffee, your brain won’t be an ally during the day. Rising earlier than most, will make you avoid the traffic too and you will be at the office before all the chaos and busyness begin.

Parallel that, studies have shown that this is also good for your body. For instance, when your body is exposed to the sun light for longer, the synthesis of vitamin D is better, which helps your immune system.

Other activity you should consider is doing exercise as soon as you wake up. I know many people prefer to do it in the evenings, but actually is better if you do it in the early hours. It activates the production of endorphins and you will be in a good mood the whole day.

Let’s create the habit again! Try to wake up 30 minutes earlier every day than you are currently rising and sooner you will realise how thankful you and your body feel for this routine. Good luck!



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