Does size really matter?

This is probably one of the most common questions that you can find on Google. We all worry about sex. No matter if you prefer casual or long-term relationships, you always wonder about the size and quality of it, and come on! Let’s be honest, sex is a huge part of relationships -at least 90% of them-. no matter if you are looking for love or fun.

Let’s be honest, sex is a huge part of relationships

For men, size is something that can lead to a lack or excess of confidence. Believe it or not, the length and thickness generate too much anxiety on them and fair enough, nowadays we all care about how our body looks.

Satisfaction and size are two words that people usually think are linked and that’s probably why they worry that much. The average length on a man’s erect penis is between 13.6 cms and 15 cms, however, women’s answer about their preference may vary depending on the type of relationship that they are looking for.

There are many myths around this topic. People say that for better orgasms you need a big penis, but actually this is not true. The average vagina is about 14 cms, so penises bigger than that may produce some pain.

Another interesting fact is that most girls struggle to have orgasms just with penetration. Of course, every single woman is different, but that’s the general rule. So, focus on kisses, strokes and words because the most powerful sexual organ is called the brain. Stimulate it using different things.




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