Men’s favorite sex positions

During this pandemic not all of us are lucky enough to share the lockdown with our significant other and dating is becoming more and more complicated; however, we want to discuss this topic in order to help you with your next passionate encounter. Surprise them and remind them why you are still together or should be.

Sexting is for sure the closest thing to paradise in these tough times, but let me ask you something… whenever they talk about favorite sex positions, what do you answer? Do you feel comfortable enough to reply? or google it in order to seem more interesting and bolder?

We have all faced these awkward moments, but also when having sex, we want to show who leads the relationship because let’s be honest, we all lie about sex. We always want to show good knowledge and experience.

Surprise them and Remind them why you are still together or should be.

Favorite positions

1.Doggy style: they all talk about it but it’s because it helps them to reach the orgasm easier whilst making them feel they are the ones who have got the control. You don’t get too see much really, but they can fully enjoy from the view.

This is one of the most primal positions and allows deeper penetration, so who cannot really have a good time with it?!

  1. 69: this is an iconic one and well known for everyone! It’s a good one because you can feel and give pleasure at the same time.

3.Reverse cowgirl: they love this one, especially if you are naughty enough to turn around your head a bit to look at them. The same as with the doggy style, they prefer it because of the view.

PSSS… You lead in bed with this one and they get crazy about it!

  1. Upstanding citizen: especially if you are against the wall, they will have more fun. In life the same as in bed, men need to embrace their manhood, so even if this one can be tiring, they love doing it from time to time.

5. Missionary: good combination of comfort and intimacy! This cute position is always on the list, so you better never underestimate it!





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