Best sex apps

Never underestimate the power of your brain when it comes to sex because everything begins there. Whether you are just starting to date someone or have been into a relationship for years, we all need sex to be enjoyable and never part of the tiring routine.

You will never be bored again!

And we have good news for you, your smartphone can now also help you to spice up your relationship. Don’t worry, there are many apps and each of them are different, so for sure, you can find one to suit your needs and personality. There are thousands of them, but we want to tell you about our favourites sex apps. Are you ready?

  1. There is nothing more awkward than having sex with someone that you are really interested in, but have been dating for just a couple of days. In case this is your situation, we can recommend you Durex Experiment that consist in 4 weeks where you and your partner will be stimulated with different erotic challenges whilst you record your excitement level and heart rate. After the time is over you will be able to tell what are your partner’s favourites positions and things to do whilst in intimacy.

2. If you are a bold and open mind person, Desire is definitely the sex app for you. It is about daring that you and your partner need to complete in order to get points. The amazing thing about this one is that you can make plans around your dares, so monotony will no longer be part of your vocabulary.

  1. As we always say, communication is key when it comes to sex. If you are already a fan of sexting, Kindu will be an app that we guarantee you will enjoy because it is about being verbal but having the person next to you. Discover how many points in common you have with your couple!

4. Sex Roulette is for sure something that doesn’t surprise that much, but it is always good. You will be taken through 12 sex positions and 12 places.

  1. Sometimes can be hard to be innovative with the sex positions, but with Ikamasutra you have an amazing guide of them all. Good descriptions and images for you to really learn how to explore and have fun with your partner.


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