Are we losing our summer break?

Who doesn’t dream the whole year with the summer break? We all have many expectations of our summer plans and I am sure that if we all had known in December of last year what would happen in 2020, everybody would have acted very differently.

Some countries are having currently more productive life than others, but still moving from one place to another keep being tough. You have to be desperate or in real need to take the adventure of travelling right now.

So, what are people doing?

It is not a secret that many people are scared of going out, however, what facts are showing are that people are travelling by car, not by plane -this is a generalization, of course- and that people are not planning ahead their summer breaks. They are making plans on the go.

Safe and local holidays

It seems nonsense to spend lots of money in plane tickets if you want to visit a city or country that ask you to be under quarantine for 14 days once you have landed or if the place doesn’t have open restaurants, for example. It is quite boring to have to think about all the things that you cannot do instead of the things that you actually want to do. This is how much COVID 19 has affected our lives.

Calm places. That is what people are looking for. After all these difficult times, people are opting for places near home and where they can relax and enjoy without the necessity of interacting with others, plus the fact of not having expensive holidays as the economic situation is not the best at the moment either.

COVID-free hotels are part of Google trends now! Unbelievable, but people nowadays want to enjoy whilst thinking of safety. This is why people are also opting for websites and Apps like Airbnb when choosing accommodation. Hotels can be risky due to the amount of people that are circulating in the same place.

Changes are here to stay! that is a statement that we must get used to, however, we like to see the glass half full and this can also be good for local and little shops, hotels and industries in general.



Can we go back to “normal life” after Covid-19?

Before talking about this as a possibility, I want you to think of the meaning of “normality” for you. The life that you were having before all this came across was truly sustainable for you in the future? Were you happy with your life or were you just living inside the comfortable discomfort?

What does “normal life” mean for you?

Everyone has lost something during this pandemic -for sure some people have lost more than others-, but still we have all lost either a family member, our job, part of our incomes or simply our peace. This lockdown has been very stressful for everyone!

“Normality” after Covid?

There are more and more countries opening their economies every day, however, what businesses are finding is that people think different now. Not everyone wants to go out because they are scared and people are definitely considering twice before investing their money on something.

Again, this is just a generalization and you might think that you want to go out no matter what, but let me ask you something… Now that you have the possibility of choosing many things in your life again, are you planning to make the same choices that you have done in the past?

Even if you think that the lockdown didn’t affect you at all because you are part of the small group of people that are very wealthy and don’t have any worries, let me tell you that you are wrong. You lost your freedom. There were times when you wanted to go out and you couldn’t or you wanted to share your time with someone and you couldn’t.

The best thing of this pandemic is that it affected the whole community without caring about money, races, gender, nationalities or religions. We are all united to fight this common enemy and act as a whole.

“Normal life” as we used to know it is never coming back because for the first time, we had to think in someone else apart from ourselves and this is an attitude that we shouldn’t lose. We can see how much this how affected us for good by seeing what is happening after George Floyd’s death, for example.

This crisis has taught us to love more and be more grateful for all the things we have. One day you have everything you need to be happy, but you never know what is happening next. So yes, next time you are about to behave as you used to do, think about it twice because this is a new opportunity that life, God -you name it- is giving to us. Take it!

Why should I wear Malebasics’s Face-Mask?

Covid-19 is affecting all nations worldwide and even if at the very beginning the social distancing was the only possibility to preventing the spread of the virus, nowadays we have the responsibility of wearing a face-mask too when we are out in public.

You can get disposable face-masks and cloth face-masks, however the first ones shouldn’t be your first consideration as they don’t protect your face properly and let many spaces between it and the mask, and sadly, they are not good for the environment either.

Malebasics’s defenders are the best alternative for you if you are looking for good quality, technology and value. Our masks are thick enough to protect you from the virus, which is one of the most important qualities you should pay attention to when buying one.

Our three-layer fabric masks will cover at least 50% of your face and every layer has been designed to aid you fight in this battle:

This 3-layer fabric mask was designed to aid in the battle against the virus
  1. The outer layer is made of synthetic tight-knit fabric to trap particles.
  2. The mid layer complies with AAMI PB70, a special fabric with antimicrobial properties that block water and vapor droplets carrying pathogens, while at the same time allowing the exchange of oxygen.
  3. The inner facial layer is hypoallergenic fabric traps moisture and impurities.

We have all been asked to keep a minimum distance of 2 meters when staying in public places, however, unless you are wearing the right mask, this will not be enough. You and your health were our motivation when making this product.

What make our product different?

  1. The fabric provides liquid barrier performance: prevents the transfer of water-based liquids
  2. Antibacterial technology
  3. Is a protective face mask that allows the exchange of air and oxygen
  4. Prevents inhaling moisture and droplets
  5. Reusable: washable up to 5o times to preserve antibacterial properties
  6. Hypoallergenic modal fabric
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