The advantages of waking up early

The last 2 months have been chaotic for everyone worldwide, however for those who like to see the glass half full, it has been a good opportunity to spend more time with their families, as most of us have been working from home. But this is slowly getting back to normal. Are you prepared for early mornings again?

I know is difficult to wake up before 7 am, but did you know it has several advantages? People who go to sleep early and wake up early is more productive because when you are not rushing to get ready for work, you have the time to think properly and plan ahead your day, something that will increase your happiness and self-esteem. Why? You are more organized and for sure, you manage to do all the things you needed to.

Waking up early is just a healthy habit

If you start your day in calm you won’t feel stressed from early hours. Allow yourself to get a long shower and have breakfast without feeling pressure; if you just have a coffee, your brain won’t be an ally during the day. Rising earlier than most, will make you avoid the traffic too and you will be at the office before all the chaos and busyness begin.

Parallel that, studies have shown that this is also good for your body. For instance, when your body is exposed to the sun light for longer, the synthesis of vitamin D is better, which helps your immune system.

Other activity you should consider is doing exercise as soon as you wake up. I know many people prefer to do it in the evenings, but actually is better if you do it in the early hours. It activates the production of endorphins and you will be in a good mood the whole day.

Let’s create the habit again! Try to wake up 30 minutes earlier every day than you are currently rising and sooner you will realise how thankful you and your body feel for this routine. Good luck!



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