5 Must-Have Items For An At-Home Workout

At some point during the pandemic, most of us tried working out at home. For some of us, it was a reminder of just how much we missed our gyms and fitness studios, but for others, it may have converted you to a whole new way of working out. If you fall into the latter camp and you’re committed to working out at home for the foreseeable future, then there’s a few must-have items we recommend. To maximize your at-home workout regimen, consider investing in the 5 items below. 

Adjustable Bench

If you have the room for one in your home, then we highly recommend an adjustable exercise bench. Let’s face it – no one really wants to work out on the floor of their home. An exercise bench will not only make your home feel more like a gym but is extremely versatile. You can use it for ab exercises, tricep dips, cardio step-ups, and of course, all kinds of weightlifting exercises, such as chest presses or dumbbell rows. 


Dumbbells are critical to strength training, which is why they are included in this list. A good set of dumbbells is a must-have piece of equipment, whether you’re a beginner or a pro. Ideally, you’ll want several sets of dumbbells, each of different weights so that they’re conducive to a variety of exercises. (Remember, use lighter dumbbells for arm workouts and heavier ones for lower body exercises, such as squats.) Also, we recommend looking for vinyl-wrapped dumbbells, which offer more grip and are rust resistant. 


Kettlebells offer impressive results – if you know how to use them. After dumbbells, kettlebells are the next piece of workout equipment we recommend. Heavier than your standard dumbbell, kettlebells are designed for lower body workouts, which makes them great for everything from squats and lunges to swings. Kettlebells are typically available anywhere from 5 pounds up to 50 pounds.

Resistance Bands

Another fantastic type of equipment for at-home workouts are resistance bands. Upon first glance, you might be wondering how these small, stretchy bands could possibly lead to an intense workout, but trust us when we say, they do. Resistance bands usually come in sets, with each band providing a different level of resistance. Bands can provide a full-body workout. Use them on your arms, glutes, legs, or shoulders. As an added bonus, they take up practically no space, making them easy to store even in small apartments or condos. 

Performance Underwear 

Finally, no workout is complete without a proper outfit. And the key to a proper outfit? Underwear. Even though you’re working out at home, it’s important to wear the right type of underwear. That means performance underwear made from moisture-wicking, fast-drying materials like microfibre. Breathability and comfort are vital to any quality pair of workout underwear. We also recommend longer boxers to minimize chafing. Malebasics’ Performance Titanium Athletic Boxer was designed specifically for athletes, with their needs in mind. 

Why do I need to sleep properly?

We all have been facing strange times where our sleeping habits have changed. We have been going to sleep later than usual and waking up around 10 am and yes, every once in a while, it is awesome to have a break in our lives, but we tend to underestimate a good quality sleep when this is something that must be a priority.

You need to sleep between 7 and 8 hours.

We normalize the fact of going late to bed because we want to watch another chapter on Netflix, but when the reason is work, we see it as a big no. Differences? None! We all need to understand than sleeping less than 7 hours is damaging for our health and wellbeing.

Studies have shown that at least 50% of us don’t sleep well, but I am sure that if I tell you this, you will think twice the next time that you plan to go to bed after 11 pm: The lack of sleep can make you fat. YES! When people don’t have a good night sleep, feel hungrier and what you tend to eat in the evening is junky food. I bet nobody eats salad at 10 pm!

And another horrible effect is that you feel more anxious and stressed. The day itself is already full of things and sleeping works as a disconnection with the world, so if you are a non-stop person, your body keeps alert more time that the necessary. You will find yourself crying easier and stressing yourself for silly reasons. Depression might appear too!

Most people hate the eye bags that appear after a long night, but scientists have shown that the physique changes are less important. What really matters is what happens insight. Even brain functions gradually deteriorate, as does metabolism. All this translates into premature aging, both physically and mentally.

Is there something that we can do?

The answer, of course, is yes. I know that many people don’t go late to bed on purpose, so here are some tips: do exercise. It will make you feel tired. If you are an insomniac the best time for you to do it is in the evening. Try yoga or meditation as it might help too.

In case you are a person that suffers from stress, another good recommendation is to try either valerian drops or teas for sleep, that normally are made of chamomile, valerian, and lavender.

Losing weight without doing exercise?

Is it even possible? For sure, everyone’s dream is to eat “like a pig” without gaining weight. Is very easy to gain a few kilograms, but very difficult to lose them. Once a friend of mine told me “one minute in your lips, forever in your hips” and it cannot be truer.

Weight is about math

But losing weight is not as difficult as everyone says, so keep calm. Actually, is a matter of subtracting calories. To lose weight you need to intake 500 calories less per day and to do it sustainable you need to understand that to lose weight in a healthy way you must lose 2.5 kg per month, maximum.

Let’s be clear, if you want to lose weight, the most recommendable is to do at least 30 minutes of exercise every day and combine it with a healthy diet, but we have good news for you: 80% of this process is about this, so it’s what we need to focus most our energy on.

I must mention that exercise is not just about going to the gym. The idea of doing exercise is to keep your body active and to be able to turn this into a lifestyle, you need to find joy on it.

How can we do it?

Get off the bus further than you are used to or walk home after work. Use the stairs instead of the lift and when you go to a mall, park your car as further as you can. Remember that every little counts!



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