Can we go back to “normal life” after Covid-19?

Before talking about this as a possibility, I want you to think of the meaning of “normality” for you. The life that you were having before all this came across was truly sustainable for you in the future? Were you happy with your life or were you just living inside the comfortable discomfort?

What does “normal life” mean for you?

Everyone has lost something during this pandemic -for sure some people have lost more than others-, but still we have all lost either a family member, our job, part of our incomes or simply our peace. This lockdown has been very stressful for everyone!

“Normality” after Covid?

There are more and more countries opening their economies every day, however, what businesses are finding is that people think different now. Not everyone wants to go out because they are scared and people are definitely considering twice before investing their money on something.

Again, this is just a generalization and you might think that you want to go out no matter what, but let me ask you something… Now that you have the possibility of choosing many things in your life again, are you planning to make the same choices that you have done in the past?

Even if you think that the lockdown didn’t affect you at all because you are part of the small group of people that are very wealthy and don’t have any worries, let me tell you that you are wrong. You lost your freedom. There were times when you wanted to go out and you couldn’t or you wanted to share your time with someone and you couldn’t.

The best thing of this pandemic is that it affected the whole community without caring about money, races, gender, nationalities or religions. We are all united to fight this common enemy and act as a whole.

“Normal life” as we used to know it is never coming back because for the first time, we had to think in someone else apart from ourselves and this is an attitude that we shouldn’t lose. We can see how much this how affected us for good by seeing what is happening after George Floyd’s death, for example.

This crisis has taught us to love more and be more grateful for all the things we have. One day you have everything you need to be happy, but you never know what is happening next. So yes, next time you are about to behave as you used to do, think about it twice because this is a new opportunity that life, God -you name it- is giving to us. Take it!

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