Organizing The Ultimate Men’s Underwear Drawer

Keeping your drawers organized is difficult. 

We understand the struggle, so we’ve come up with some helpful tips on organizing the ultimate men’s underwear drawer. 

Underwear Storage

Underwear Drawer Organizer 

If keeping up with your underwear drawer organization is difficult for you because of a busy lifestyle, an underwear drawer organizer may be the perfect thing for you. You can buy underwear organizers in different sizes, and with a variety of different organizational patterns. 

Whether you want four compartments or ten, there’s an underwear drawer organizer out there that’s perfect for you. It’s only a quick Amazon search away.

Determine Your Organization Style

While there are a ton of different ways you could organize your underwear drawer, some may make your life a little easier than others. We recommend that you organize based on either color or underwear type, though each option has its pros and cons. 


The first underwear drawer organization style to think about is organization by color. With this style, underwear style doesn’t matter, nor does brand or any other factor. 

Pros to this organization style: 

One major pro to organizing your underwear drawer by color is that it’s simple. If you wash a pair of red boxers and a pair of red briefs, you just put them with the other red underwear. This organization style is particularly great if someone else does your laundry or puts it up for you. This way, you can ask them to keep your drawer organized without it being a difficult task. 

Cons to this organizational style: 

While organization by color is simple, it may not be the best for you if you have a variety of different types of underwear, or if you buy your underwear in consistent colors. If all of your underwear are black, you can’t really organize them by color. 

Additionally, if you have underwear in four or five different styles, organizing by color may have you digging through ten pairs of red underwear to find your red briefs. 

The goal is always simplicity. 

Type/ Style/ Fit

If organizing your underwear drawer by color doesn’t work for you, try organizing by underwear type instead.

Pros to this organizational style:

Organizing your underwear drawer by underwear type is especially helpful if you have a variety of different styles of underwear. This way, each different underwear style has its own dedicated spot. If you’re going to the gym, for example, all of your performance underwear is in the same location, and you don’t have to dig around to find them. 

Cons to this organizational style: 

If you have one or two go-to types of underwear, organizing by style may not be the smartest choice for you. Likewise, you may want to look into a different organizational pattern if you buy a variety of different styles, but only one pair of each style. While organizing by underwear type can be an extremely efficient method in some cases, there are circumstances that make this method unhelpful. 

How to Fold Mens Underwear

If organization is your goal, it’s important that you’re folding your underwear neatly, so they can be stacked or lined up. Boxers and briefs can be some of the most challenging styles to fold, but we have the perfect step by step guide on folding for optimal organization. 

Folding Boxers

  1. Lay your boxers face up on a flat surface. The waistband should be facing away from you, and you should smooth out wrinkles at this point. 
  2. Fold the pair in half. Grab one side of your boxers, and align the seam with the seam on the opposite leg. 
  3. Fold in half again. In the same fashion as the last step, take one side of the underwear, and fold it over to the opposite side. Your waistband should still be facing away from you.
  4. Fold from bottom to top. With your waistband at the top, grab the bottom of your boxers, folding up in equal sections until you reach the waistband. If you want your boxers organized in small squares, fold twice. If small rectangles are more your speed, fold only once. 
  5. Put your boxers away. Whether you opt to fold your boxers in squares or rectangles, this will make drawer organization a breeze, and finding specific pairs easy!

Folding Briefs

  1. Lay your briefs face up on a flat surface. You can also hold them face up, but your folds may be less tight. 
  2. Fold the sides into the middle. It doesn’t matter whether you start with the left or the right side, as long as the first fold is to the middle, and the second fold overlaps the first. 
  3. Fold the crotch of the briefs up to the waistband. If you want to keep your briefs securely folded, you can roll the waistband down over the crotch area after this fold. 
  4. Put your briefs away. Folding them this way makes organization easy and effective, and the extra time spent folding will pay off! 

Keep Things Current

It’s important to revisit your drawer organization often. Not only does reorganization make finding the exact pair you want easier, but it’s also a great opportunity to get rid of old underwear and make room for a few new pairs. 

5 Types of Underwear Every Man Needs in 2021

With so many styles of underwear for men to choose from, it can be hard to decide what you actually need. 

We’ve done the hard work for you, and compiled a list of the best mens underwear that everyone needs in 2021, and narrowed it down to 5 categories. 

1. The Classic Boxer Brief

Malebasics Boxer Brief

The first type of underwear every man should have is the classic boxer brief. This underwear style combines all of the great qualities of boxer and brief styles, maintaining support while also being breathable. 

The boxer brief is great for everyday wear, as well as physical activity. 


Malebasics Hipster Trunk

Trunks are similar to boxer briefs, but a little shorter. While boxer briefs are longer on the legs, the hem of trunks will stop above mid-thigh, at the widest part of your leg. If you like the fit of boxer briefs, but don’t love the length, trunks are definitely a style you need to have in your drawer!

2. A Comfy Boxer Short

A comfy boxer short is an essential part of your underwear drawer. Boxer shorts are typically looser than styles like briefs and trunks, and are thus great if you’d prefer to ditch the added support for increased airflow. 

Whether you want to pick up a pair of cheap boxer shorts, or go all in with a pair of silk boxer shorts, this underwear type is a must-have. Another perk: length is up to you! If you don’t like the typical boxer short length, try a pair of short boxer shorts.

3. The 2-in-1 Swim/Underwear

There’s nothing better than buying one thing that serves multiple purposes, and that’s why a pair of 2-in-1 swim/underwear are a must have in 2021. Joe Snyder is one of the most recognized men’s underwear companies in the world, and their 80% Nylon 20% Lycra/SPandex blend makes their underwear perfect for everyday wear or poolside lounging. Not only are they comfortable, they’re convenient.

Joe Snyder Swim/Underwear

4. For Men on the Go: Moisture-Wicking Underwear

Malebasics Performance Titanium

If you’re active, it’s essential that you have moisture-wicking underwear. Whether you opt to get dri-fit or performance underwear is up to you, but this underwear type will help prevent chafing and uncomfortableness while on the go.

Moisture-wicking underwear will keep you comfortable while you’re sweating or damp, and is the best underwear for the gym! 

5. Something Sexy

Joe Snyder Lace Underwear

Last, but certainly not least, every man needs a pair of underwear that makes them feel sexy. The style that achieves this will be different for everyone, but MaleBasics’ options are extensive and bound to have something that makes you feel good about yourself. Whether you want to stay subtle with a pair of mesh underwear, be brave with lace underwear, or be bold with a jockstrap, there are tons of options for you.

5 Men’s Swimsuit Trends for 2021

Swim season has returned, and this time there are some new trends to be aware of. From the classic nautical print and the return of flower power to wild animal prints and coordinated sets for men, check out the top 5 men’s swimwear trends for 2021. 

Flower Power

Botanical prints have finally made the leap from womenswear to menswear, and that means a ton of flower-adorned men’s swim options this season. If you aren’t sure where to start or you don’t normally wear prints, look for florals that match your frame (i.e. a motif with larger flowers if you have a bigger build and a motif featuring smaller flowers if you’re leaner or smaller). Another option is to look for more muted floral prints. Even floral swimwear that is predominantly navy and white or all one colour will still make a statement. Our pick? These Wild Swim Trunks from Clever, also available in brief form.


Nothing says summer like nautical-inspired prints. Whether you’re hitting the beach or the pool, you’ll look effortlessly chic showing up in a navy, white, and/or red swimsuit embellished with flattering vertical stripes. (In case you forgot, nautical fashion hails from France, and there’s nothing better than French style.) Opt for a classic pair of swim trunks, like these retro-inspired JOR Tokio Swim Trunks, featuring white stitching and contrasting stripes along the hips.

Animal Print

Go wild this summer with a bold, animal-print swimsuit. Whether you’re more into cheetahs, giraffes, or zebras, we bet you can find a print to suit your style. Less into animal prints but love animals? Good news – these swimsuits are trending too. We’ve seen swim adorned with everything from sharks to leopards to zebras this season. For a more muted pattern, opt for something like this black and white leopard print Swim Bikini from Oceanico.

Matching Sets

One of this season’s biggest men’s resort wear trends? Coordinated sets. That’s right, matchy matchy is in – and there’s nothing we love better than a well-executed swim + outfit combo. For a beach-ready matching set, all you need is a pair of swim trunks or briefs that match your top. And the matchier the better. We’re not just talking about wearing a pair of black swim trunks with a black t-shirt. No, we recommend really going for it by finding a matching set featuring a bold motif. JOR has all kinds of matching sets, consisting of a microfibre swim top and matching swim bottoms. Our personal favorite is the Swim Shark Tank Top and Bikini duo. 

Beyond the Trunk 

This summer, it’s time to think beyond the trunk. While tailored men’s swim trunks (that hit above the mid-thigh or even higher) are pretty much always in season, we’ve noticed more non-trunk options for men. From bikinis and briefs to mini trunks and thongs, step out of your comfort zone this summer and try something you’ve never tried before. To ease into it, we recommend a mini trunk that offers full coverage in the back and hits you around your upper thigh. Want to dive right in (pun intended)? Strut your stuff in a thong, like the JOR Sunny Swim Thong, one of our most popular styles. 

3 Things To Consider When Purchasing Long Johns

Winter is on the horizon, which means it’s time to stock up on thermal underwear! Thermal underwear, like Malebasics’ Men’s Winter Performance Microfiber Long John, is a must for the colder months. In fact, studies have shown that wearing thermal underwear (and thus adequately protecting your body from cold temperatures) can actually benefit your health, making you less prone to joint pain and arthritis.

So beyond the unparalleled comfort that long johns provide, it turns out they can actually keep you healthy! Whether this season is the first time you’ll be buying a pair of long johns or not, we’ve put together a useful buying guide that will help you make your purchase.

Check out what to consider when purchasing long johns.

  1. The Fabric

The first factor to consider when buying a pair of long johns is the fabric. Fabric encompasses both weight and material.

The ideal weight of the fabric depends on the winter conditions that exist where you live. For example, lightweight fabrics will work for areas with mild to cool winters, but won’t be enough for extremely cold, even frigid winter temperatures. Make sure to note how heavy the fabric feels when trying them on.

The second consideration is material. The key to a great pair of long johns is for them to be soft and luxurious to the touch, but also resilient. Further, you want to make sure you choose a material that holds its shape, versus gets looser with wear. In our opinion, the best type of fabric for a pair of long johns is microfiber. Long johns made out of synthetic materials, such as polyester, nylon, or spandex, are the best at retaining heat while simultaneously wicking moisture, leaving you dry yet warm. These are also the least likely material to lose their shape. 

  1. The Purpose

When buying a pair of long johns, it’s important to consider what their primary function will be. For example, do you plan on wearing thermal underwear on a daily basis to simply add an extra layer of warmth? Are you wearing them to engage in physical activity in the winter? Or are you visiting somewhere extremely cold and need them to retain body heat for a short time?

Make sure you know the purpose of your long johns before you buy. This will help you pick out the pair that is right for you. Depending on the function, you might prioritize stretch over warmth, or bacteria resistance over moisture wicking properties. As noted about, microfiber is ideal if moisture wicking and flexibility are your priorities. Wool also offers warmth and a limited degree of stretch, whereas cotton has very little stretch and retains moisture.

  1. The Style

Contrary to popular belief, thermal underwear can still be extremely stylish – and Malebasics proves that! Malebasics’ line of sleek, masculine long johns elevates the style to a whole other level. Their collection includes plenty of microfiber options with trendy features like plush waistbands, chic stitching, enhancing front pouches, snug fits, and bold colours. Shop our collection of long johns from Malebasics, Unico, Clever, ErgoWear, and Joe Snyder today.

Why Every Man Should Own A Thong

Thongs have entered the mainstream of men’s underwear in recent years, to the point that the style is nearly as common as boxers or briefs. Whether thongs become part of your weekly repertoire or are only worn on special occasions or with certain outfits, there are plenty of reasons for men to rock this sexy look. And of course, there’s no brand that does men’s thong betters than Joe Snyder. Sexy and sleek, Joe Snyder Underwear are known around the world for their fashion-forward designs, made to act as both swimwear and underwear. The leading brand for sexy men’s underwear, Joe Snyder is the go-to online retailer for thongs. If you have yet to jump on the thong train, continue reading for a breakdown of why every man should own a thong, as well as a special spotlight on the bestselling Joe Snyder Bulge Thong.

Why every man should own a thong:

  1. Sexy & confident feeling

First and foremost, wearing a thong is an instant confidence booster. No matter your gender, slipping on a pair of underwear with a sexy and seductive exposed rear will give you a renewed sense of empowerment. A thong will put a spring in your step throughout the entire day, and can act as a major turn on in the bedroom. Joe Snyder’s Bulge Thong was designed to do just this, which is why the subtle design features an enhancing front pouch. If you’re looking to turn heads, this style is the pair for you. The sculpted front pouch ensures everything is held in place and looks better than ever before, while the open back exposes your best assets, leaving you feeling fresh and free. 

  1. No visible underwear lines

The minimal design of thongs means not having to worry about any pesky underwear lines. Thongs are therefore ideal when you’re at the gym and wearing tighter, performance bottoms. Alternatively, with the increasingly slim cut men’s suits in vogue today, wearing a thong to the office might be just the thing you need in order to ensure no bunching up beneath your trousers. 

  1. Prevents chafing

It’s as simple as this: when there’s no bulky cotton underwear going down your thigh, there’s no chafing. Thongs, due to their minimal fabric, eliminate the discomfort caused by the build up of sweat and moisture in this sensitive area. In addition, certain thongs, such as the Joe Snyder Bulge Thong, are made with moisture-wicking material. This Joe Snyder style is made out of a luxurious blend of polyester and elastane. The result is a quick drying and breathable pair of men’s underwear that actually promotes airflow in this area rather than blocking it.

  1. Comfort

There is a common misconception that thongs are uncomfortable. This is simply incorrect – as long as you’re wearing the right thong in the right size. Many men love wearing thongs because they find them the most comfortable style of underwear available. Other types of underwear, such as boxers, are prone to riding up, moving around, and giving you the dreaded wedgie. Thongs, on the other hand, are designed to stay in place no matter what activity you’re doing. If they’re made with the right fabric and a soft waistband, like all Joe Snyder products, there is nothing more comfortable and supportive than a thong. 

3 Reasons You Need A Jockstrap In Your Underwear Drawer ASAP

Jockstraps were initially created with sports in mind. Today, the once popular style of underwear has evolved to a point where jockstraps are no longer reserved for athletes, they’re for everyday wear. First – a history lesson. The jockstrap was invented in 1874 by the Bike Web Company based in Boston. They were originally a way to protect and support the male genitalia while engaging in physical sports, with the standard style consisting of a front pouch attached to an elastic waistband and two elastic straps that wrapped around the outside of the glutes. While this formula has remained largely the same over the years, there have been major innovations in terms of fabric, comfort, and style, to the point that jockstraps are now considered trendy in the world of men’s underwear. More than just fashion, jockstraps are extremely versatile and boast a multitude of benefits. Keep reading to discover why you need a jockstrap in your underwear drawer.

They Protect Your Groin

Up until this point, your experience with jockstraps is likely limited to contact sports. If you ever played hockey, football, or soccer growing up, you likely wore a jockstrap for protection on the field or rink. Since the beginning, protecting a man’s groin was the sole purpose of a jockstrap. And while that still holds true today, there are a few misconceptions surrounding the style’s protective qualities – mainly that it is only necessary to wear when playing sports. First of all, not all jockstraps contain hard cups. Though this might be what you’ve seen on television, there are plenty of jockstraps on the market today that include soft or flexible cups, or even no cup at all, making them a viable option for everyday wear. Second, genital protection isn’t only necessary when playing sports. In fact, your manhood can likely always benefit from a little added support. Jockstraps provide just that. Whether you opt for a hard, soft, or no cup fit, the standard jockstrap design is made with reducing the risk of groin strain in mind.

They Help Combat Chafing

Chafing and sweat rashes are common occurrences when one regularly participates in physical activity. But there is a way to combat these negative skin reactions, and for men, that is through a jockstrap! By keeping your manhood supported, comfortable, and elevated, the jockstrap eliminates any risk of chafing around the groin and upper inner thighs. In addition, the exposed buttocks allows for maximum breathability, reducing the likelihood of chafing in the lower glute/upper hamstring region. A jockstrap’s ability to combat chafing and other uncomfortable skin ailments is just one of the reasons why jockstraps have entered the mainstream and become an everyday underwear of choice for many men who exercise on a regular basis.

They’re Trendy

Jockstraps have experienced a major resurgence as of late, making them one of the trendiest styles of men’s underwear currently on the market. This newfound appreciation for the jockstrap has everything to do with the leaps and bounds that have been made when it comes to the various design options now available to consumers. There is now a jockstrap to suit every man owing to the recent innovations that have been made. You can find jockstraps in a wide range of colours (and even in fun, masculine prints!) and fabrics (such as mesh, denim, and microfiber) on In fact, Malebasics has over 50 styles of jockstraps on their website alone, from international brands including Joe Snyder, Pikante, MOB Eroticwear, Mundo Unico, and Male Power. In essence, Malebasics has on-trend jockstraps for all occasions – from everyday wear to sweat-wicking options for the gym to styles for a sexy night in

Why Everyone Should Have A Pair of Microfiber Underwear For the Gym

If you’re someone who hits the gym on a regular basis, then there’s no way around it – you should already own multiple pairs of performance underwear. Malebasics boasts a collection of the most stylish and comfortable, not to mention highest quality, men’s performance underwear on the market. The secret? Microfiber! Microfiber is all about breathability, fit, and performance, which make it the ideal fabric of choice for any type of athletic activity. Continue reading for a complete breakdown of why every gym-going man should own a pair of microfiber underwear (we guarantee that by the end of this article you’ll be heading over to to order a pair today)!

They’re Moisture-Wicking

Microfibers’ claim to fame is its moisture-wicking properties. There is no other fabric on the market that wicks away moisture quite like microfiber, which is one reason why they make the best performance underwear. To create this beneficial fabric, the threads are woven in such a way that produces a product that is highly breathable, water repellent, and quick drying. Microfiber ultimately keeps the skin dry and cool, even in a sensitive area like the groin. This is the opposite of cotton or other plant-based fibers which absorb sweat. 

They’re Easy to Care For

Microfiber is known as being both long lasting and easy to care for. It is more resistant to pilling than cotton or traditional polyester, and can be washed and dried on a regular cycle. Even more impressive, a pair of microfiber underwear can be washed up to a maximum of 400 to 500 times before showing signs of wear and tear. These factors mean that a pair of microfiber performance underwear can last you years before you have to replace them.

They’re Soft and Supportive

When microfiber is compared with cotton, the latter is typically considered the softer fabric of the two. However, Malebasics has sought to change that by coming out with a line of soft-as-silk men’s performance underwear that is primarily made of a luxurious blend of polyester and nylon. This combination has unparalleled benefits. It is extremely smooth to touch and therefore feels great against the skin, plus it provides a snug and supportive yet flexible fit. Lastly, the way that the threads are weaved in a pair of microfiber underwear is specifically designed with airflow in mind to allow for maximum breathability. This makes microfiber the most breathable fabric on the market.

They Reduce Foul Odours

A sweaty session at the gym can result in some pretty unpleasant odours, especially south of the border. Luckily, microfiber is a fabric that actually reduces these foul odours. Unlike cotton which tends to trap and retain perspiration (and all the smells that go along with it), the breathability and airflow inherent in microfiber underwear allows for odours to escape and prevents them from lingering.

Why You Should Own A Pair of Mesh and Lace Underwear

Looking to spice up your underwear drawer? We’ve got the answer: lace and mesh! Sexy underwear is becoming extremely popular so there’s no time like the present to try out the latest trend in men’s undergarments. Whether you already swear by mesh boxers and lace thongs or are new to the game, check out this definitive list of four reasons why you should own a pair of mesh and lace underwear. 

They’re Stylish

Stepping up your style game starts with your underwear drawer – and purchasing a pair of mesh and lace underwear is the ultimate first step in elevating your underwear game. Adding a sheer pair of men’s underwear to the mix will take your wardrobe from plain and boring to sexy and exciting at the drop of a hat. The best place to start? Malebasics, of course! Malebasics specializes in all types of mesh and lace underwear, from sexy lace thongs by Joe Snyder or Male Power to sleek mesh boxers by MOB Eroticwear

They’re Breathable

Due to the sheer material of mesh and lace underwear, they’re extremely breathable. The lightweight, delicate fabric will leave you feeling fresh all day long. At Malebasics, all lace and mesh options are made from a luxurious blend of nylon and lycra, simultaneously providing stretch, support, and comfort. 

They’re Sexy 

A pair of sheer underwear, such as that made out of mesh or lace, will make you feel sexier than ever before. Whether worn in bed with your partner or on a day to day basis, you’ll be able to feel your confidence shift the moment you slip them on. Plus, the lace and mesh underwear options at Malebasics are made to look flattering on all body types, with features including plush statement waistbands, enhancing front pouches with centre seams, and rear support that will make your butt cheeks look perkier than ever. Say goodbye to cotton and hello to the seductive world of sexy men’s underwear. 

They’re Versatile

Though you might not think it, mesh and lace underwear are extremely versatile. The material is  supportive yet lightweight, meaning it won’t create any visible lines beneath all types of bottoms, whether you’re wearing spandex at the gym or dress pants to the office. Plus, at Malebasics, they have endless style options when it comes to mesh and lace men’s underwear. I’m talking about thongs, jockstraps, boxers, boxer briefs, bikinis, and more – there’s a style to suit every man! 


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