Beer belly? All you need to know…

I bet you used to laugh at your dad and uncles when you were younger, but now you are truly worried about the way you look. You know that you don’t eat the best quality food, but still don’t have a clue of what is causing you that huge belly.

If you are over 30 years, this is a reality that you need to face: As the years go by, more fat accumulates in your abdomen and we find it harder to eliminate it, but don’t panic, women suffer something similar, but in their hips. Youth, divine gift!

The fat accumulation is due to lots of factors such as hereditary, hormonal and medical, not just to nutritional issues, although, of course, your diet is something that you need to watch out and exercising plays a very important role here too.

For sure, a big belly is not aesthetic, but there is a big difference between something that you don’t like and something that you need to worry about. Get a measurement tap, if your waist circumference is bigger than 41 inches (102 centimetres), you need to make an appointment with a doctor as you have abdominal obesity.

Do it at least once a month

On summer times our appearance seems to be our main focus as we want to go to pool parties and the beach with our friends, but this is something that we should pay more attention to. Can you believe that this is related to illnesses like asthma, prostate cancer and osteoporosis?!

Sometimes finding the time to do exercise can be tricky, but if you walk at least 20 mins every day is more than enough. Instead, you can consider starting with a clean and healthy diet. When it comes to a good shape, 70% is about your eating habits and 30% the exercise that you do. You actually burn more calories throughout the day than at the gym, so now that you know the secret, when are you planning to start?



Everything You Need to Know About the New Malebasics Titanium + Collection

Titanium + has arrived!

Titanium + is the newest line from Malebasics, designed with athletes in mind. If you wish to take your workout to the next level, this is the underwear for you. The result of years of research and testing, each pair of Malebasics Titanium + men’s underwear was engineered for maximum performance. How exactly does this work, you may be wondering? Continue reading for a breakdown of the benefits behind the construction and design of each Titanium + garment. (Warning: By the end of this article, you’ll be wanting to buy a pair ASAP). 

Maximum Breathability

Breathe like never before. If you thought microfiber was breathable, you’ll be amazed by the Titanium + boxer. Titanium + combines three types of fabric into one pair of underwear to ensure maximum air flow during the most intense workouts. Each fabric plays a different yet equally important role in the design of the boxer. First, the material covering the legs and buttocks is made from nylon and lycra. This tried and trusted combo facilitates moisture release, minimizes humidity exchange, and ultimately improves breathability. The second fabric was used for the inner leg panels. These panels were created using Malebasics’ signature, ultra light microfiber, which not only provides a snug and supportive fit, but also prevents chafing and activates air flow. The third fabric, used for the nesting pouch, is perforated microfiber (more on that below, because this new technology deserves its own point!).

Perforated Microfiber Technology 

Titanium + uses never-before-seen micro perforated fabric for the ergonomic nesting pouch. This unique fabric truly takes this new performance collection to the next level. The flat lock seams on the pouch regulate temperature where you need it most, by isolating the front pouch from the legs. This allows for specific temperature control of this sensitive area. Combined with the perforated microfiber’s quick-drying properties, you can bet that you’ll remain cool and dry no matter how much you sweat.

No Ride-Up Guarantee

I don’t know about you, but my personal pet peeve is when you’re working out and your underwear keeps riding up. This is especially common during high intensity workouts like CrossFit. Malebasics’ Titanium + line solves this uncomfortable problem. In fact, the no ride-up guarantee is one of my favourite features of this new line. Malebasics added super soft and sleek leg bands to keep boxers in place. Each band prevents the fabric from riding up and bulging between the thighs, which also helps facilitate air flow. 

Each Pair is Ethically Made

With concerns being raised over the factory working conditions of some of the world’s major retailers, it’s extremely reassuring to know that each pair of Malebasics’ Titanium + underwear was ethically made. In fact, the Titanium + line was made in the company’s own factory in Medellin, Colombia under strict labor conditions. Meanwhile, the underwear was designed in Canada and tested by athletes in the United States. Thus, you can rock a pair of Titanium + boxers totally guilt free.

Shop Titanium + today!

Why Everyone Should Have A Pair of Microfiber Underwear For the Gym

If you’re someone who hits the gym on a regular basis, then there’s no way around it – you should already own multiple pairs of performance underwear. Malebasics boasts a collection of the most stylish and comfortable, not to mention highest quality, men’s performance underwear on the market. The secret? Microfiber! Microfiber is all about breathability, fit, and performance, which make it the ideal fabric of choice for any type of athletic activity. Continue reading for a complete breakdown of why every gym-going man should own a pair of microfiber underwear (we guarantee that by the end of this article you’ll be heading over to to order a pair today)!

They’re Moisture-Wicking

Microfibers’ claim to fame is its moisture-wicking properties. There is no other fabric on the market that wicks away moisture quite like microfiber, which is one reason why they make the best performance underwear. To create this beneficial fabric, the threads are woven in such a way that produces a product that is highly breathable, water repellent, and quick drying. Microfiber ultimately keeps the skin dry and cool, even in a sensitive area like the groin. This is the opposite of cotton or other plant-based fibers which absorb sweat. 

They’re Easy to Care For

Microfiber is known as being both long lasting and easy to care for. It is more resistant to pilling than cotton or traditional polyester, and can be washed and dried on a regular cycle. Even more impressive, a pair of microfiber underwear can be washed up to a maximum of 400 to 500 times before showing signs of wear and tear. These factors mean that a pair of microfiber performance underwear can last you years before you have to replace them.

They’re Soft and Supportive

When microfiber is compared with cotton, the latter is typically considered the softer fabric of the two. However, Malebasics has sought to change that by coming out with a line of soft-as-silk men’s performance underwear that is primarily made of a luxurious blend of polyester and nylon. This combination has unparalleled benefits. It is extremely smooth to touch and therefore feels great against the skin, plus it provides a snug and supportive yet flexible fit. Lastly, the way that the threads are weaved in a pair of microfiber underwear is specifically designed with airflow in mind to allow for maximum breathability. This makes microfiber the most breathable fabric on the market.

They Reduce Foul Odours

A sweaty session at the gym can result in some pretty unpleasant odours, especially south of the border. Luckily, microfiber is a fabric that actually reduces these foul odours. Unlike cotton which tends to trap and retain perspiration (and all the smells that go along with it), the breathability and airflow inherent in microfiber underwear allows for odours to escape and prevents them from lingering.

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