3 Things To Consider When Purchasing Long Johns

Winter is on the horizon, which means it’s time to stock up on thermal underwear! Thermal underwear, like Malebasics’ Men’s Winter Performance Microfiber Long John, is a must for the colder months. In fact, studies have shown that wearing thermal underwear (and thus adequately protecting your body from cold temperatures) can actually benefit your health, making you less prone to joint pain and arthritis.

So beyond the unparalleled comfort that long johns provide, it turns out they can actually keep you healthy! Whether this season is the first time you’ll be buying a pair of long johns or not, we’ve put together a useful buying guide that will help you make your purchase.

Check out what to consider when purchasing long johns.

  1. The Fabric

The first factor to consider when buying a pair of long johns is the fabric. Fabric encompasses both weight and material.

The ideal weight of the fabric depends on the winter conditions that exist where you live. For example, lightweight fabrics will work for areas with mild to cool winters, but won’t be enough for extremely cold, even frigid winter temperatures. Make sure to note how heavy the fabric feels when trying them on.

The second consideration is material. The key to a great pair of long johns is for them to be soft and luxurious to the touch, but also resilient. Further, you want to make sure you choose a material that holds its shape, versus gets looser with wear. In our opinion, the best type of fabric for a pair of long johns is microfiber. Long johns made out of synthetic materials, such as polyester, nylon, or spandex, are the best at retaining heat while simultaneously wicking moisture, leaving you dry yet warm. These are also the least likely material to lose their shape. 

  1. The Purpose

When buying a pair of long johns, it’s important to consider what their primary function will be. For example, do you plan on wearing thermal underwear on a daily basis to simply add an extra layer of warmth? Are you wearing them to engage in physical activity in the winter? Or are you visiting somewhere extremely cold and need them to retain body heat for a short time?

Make sure you know the purpose of your long johns before you buy. This will help you pick out the pair that is right for you. Depending on the function, you might prioritize stretch over warmth, or bacteria resistance over moisture wicking properties. As noted about, microfiber is ideal if moisture wicking and flexibility are your priorities. Wool also offers warmth and a limited degree of stretch, whereas cotton has very little stretch and retains moisture.

  1. The Style

Contrary to popular belief, thermal underwear can still be extremely stylish – and Malebasics proves that! Malebasics’ line of sleek, masculine long johns elevates the style to a whole other level. Their collection includes plenty of microfiber options with trendy features like plush waistbands, chic stitching, enhancing front pouches, snug fits, and bold colours. Shop our collection of long johns from Malebasics, Unico, Clever, ErgoWear, and Joe Snyder today.

Everything You Need to Know About the New Malebasics Titanium + Collection

Titanium + has arrived!

Titanium + is the newest line from Malebasics, designed with athletes in mind. If you wish to take your workout to the next level, this is the underwear for you. The result of years of research and testing, each pair of Malebasics Titanium + men’s underwear was engineered for maximum performance. How exactly does this work, you may be wondering? Continue reading for a breakdown of the benefits behind the construction and design of each Titanium + garment. (Warning: By the end of this article, you’ll be wanting to buy a pair ASAP). 

Maximum Breathability

Breathe like never before. If you thought microfiber was breathable, you’ll be amazed by the Titanium + boxer. Titanium + combines three types of fabric into one pair of underwear to ensure maximum air flow during the most intense workouts. Each fabric plays a different yet equally important role in the design of the boxer. First, the material covering the legs and buttocks is made from nylon and lycra. This tried and trusted combo facilitates moisture release, minimizes humidity exchange, and ultimately improves breathability. The second fabric was used for the inner leg panels. These panels were created using Malebasics’ signature, ultra light microfiber, which not only provides a snug and supportive fit, but also prevents chafing and activates air flow. The third fabric, used for the nesting pouch, is perforated microfiber (more on that below, because this new technology deserves its own point!).

Perforated Microfiber Technology 

Titanium + uses never-before-seen micro perforated fabric for the ergonomic nesting pouch. This unique fabric truly takes this new performance collection to the next level. The flat lock seams on the pouch regulate temperature where you need it most, by isolating the front pouch from the legs. This allows for specific temperature control of this sensitive area. Combined with the perforated microfiber’s quick-drying properties, you can bet that you’ll remain cool and dry no matter how much you sweat.

No Ride-Up Guarantee

I don’t know about you, but my personal pet peeve is when you’re working out and your underwear keeps riding up. This is especially common during high intensity workouts like CrossFit. Malebasics’ Titanium + line solves this uncomfortable problem. In fact, the no ride-up guarantee is one of my favourite features of this new line. Malebasics added super soft and sleek leg bands to keep boxers in place. Each band prevents the fabric from riding up and bulging between the thighs, which also helps facilitate air flow. 

Each Pair is Ethically Made

With concerns being raised over the factory working conditions of some of the world’s major retailers, it’s extremely reassuring to know that each pair of Malebasics’ Titanium + underwear was ethically made. In fact, the Titanium + line was made in the company’s own factory in Medellin, Colombia under strict labor conditions. Meanwhile, the underwear was designed in Canada and tested by athletes in the United States. Thus, you can rock a pair of Titanium + boxers totally guilt free.

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