Gay Kamasutra guide

Creativity is a virtue and a must in long-term relationships. Suggest always something new can be tricky and unavoidably, the scary routine shows up. Our recommendation? Don’t rely just on sex because it becomes normal too.

However, we need to understand the big impact that sex has not just in our lives, but in relationships too. Sex is not just about pleasure. Sex is about connection and confidence too. We have selected a variety of gay sex positions that are sure to be a hit in your bedroom.


If you just came out and are starting to try with anal sex this is a good position for you as a bottom because you can have everything under control. This position is about riding your man’s cock and the good part of it is that you can go your own pace.

Not a huge fan of beds?

Bending over can be your one! but keep in mind that is up to the top to make out of this an enjoyable experience for the bottom or not. What is the key? Communication and finding the right angle!

First than nothing, you both need to make sure that you enjoy to fuck hard. Can be helpful for the bottom if he is the one who leads the action, being who backs onto the top’s cock.

A romantic?

This is the perfect position if you want to continue watching a film and meanwhile have some intimacy: On the side. The bottom needs to lay on their side and be ready for lots of kisses in the neck. Enjoy!

Have you lost the excitement?

You have to try with standing positions. The bodyguard is the most classic. The bottom faces away from the top and the top enters from behind.

Adventurous and really active?

This one is something that you have to try, the suspended congress, but keep in mind that a sporty lifestyle is a must, especially for the top who will need to pick up the bottom. The bottom also needs to wrap with his arms the top, in order to bring more support. For more comfort, you can try it doing the act against a wall.



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