Digital cheating?

It is still a very confusing topic. No one can really tell if digital cheating still counts or not. However, for some people, it can lead to the end of a relationship. Monogamy’s definition it’s becoming more extensive and so the rules for everyone are different. What should you do? TALK ABOUT IT!

A second person in the digital world can be such a big support, especially if your real relationship is not facing good times, however, loving someone is a decision you make so, you can definitely feel something for that second person even if you have never seen each other.

Social media has changed people’s mind in general. A long time ago, you used to call the person you like and feel nervous before the chat, but nowadays you don’t have to worry about that kind of stuff because with emojis and a little sentence that you type on WhatsApp is more than enough. You are hidden behind the screen so those stressful moments are part of the past.

Romanticism has been taken away from our lives. People don’t give anything in relationships because you can easily replace your partner and the worst thing is, even sex is being replace for “sexting”.

A second person in the digital world can be such a big support, especially if your real relationship is not facing good times.

But why a “digital” partner is so attractive?

Relationships have never been easy. If you really want to hold a long-term relationship, you need to make space in your agenda and give thousands of reasons to your significant other to be by your side, however, when you are holding a “digital” relationship you don’t have to make any kind of effort. You always have your phone in your hand so it is very easy to give to people exactly what they need: Attention and quick replies.

Technology has caught us. People, in general, don’t realized how involved they are until the situation has gone very far. Usually what normally breaks relationships is the lack of communication and this is exactly what “digital” relationships offer.

We all feel too lonely. No matter how many friends we have or family members, we all have the necessity of feeling that we are important to someone and sometimes, even people who should be close to us, are not able to fulfil that need.

We think digital cheating is a real fact, what do you think? I bet you are more open-minded…



Falling in love after sex?

Are you one of the unluckiest people who fall in love very easily? Have you once ended up sleeping with someone after a crazy night at the club? For sure, just a few people would say that you can fall for that person, but what happens when you have been having sex very frequently?

When you start dating someone and the sex is great too, I know is difficult not to get involved emotionally, but have you been in the position of knowing that you are not going to be a couple, you barely talk and know about each other’s lives, but in the bed, your understanding is out of this world?

Are you one of the unluckiest people who fall in love very easily?

If you have agreed about having just sex with someone, you should talk clearly and be honest about what you expect. The meaning of intimacy for you could be different for the other person. There are people who find the “after talk” whilst being still naked very romantic, for instance, so if you don’t want the needless harm, speak out before it is too late.

So, can you fall in love after an orgasm?

And this is definitely not a girl’s thing. It happens very often to guys too! Apparently, after 3 passionate encounters you can start feeling something for the other person. When your genitals get stimulated, your body segregates dopamine, which is linked to the romantic love, and when you have orgasms, the oxytocin will make you feel attached.

So, if you were the first at falling in love, you just have one option: make him fall for you too! And I know it is easier said, than done, but they cannot resist to good sex. Become into their sexual fantasy, make him the best oral sex, let him see you having pleasure with yourself, and have dirty talks. Sooner rather than later he will be all yours!




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