Facts about oral sex

Are there any fans of oral sex? Because I am probably its biggest. However, there are many benefits and interesting facts that you probably didn’t know. Let’s check them and become an expert:

  1. You can get sexual illnesses if you don’t use a preservative. As well as your genitals, your mouth is very sensible, so keep in mind that buccal hygiene is something you need to take care of too.

2.     Is one of the best medicines to fight depression. Semen is full of oxytocin, which can help you to change your mood as it has serotonin, melatonin and thyrotropin. It acts as a relief for stress and sleeplessness too!

3.     Semen has a different taste according to the kind of food that the person consumes. Coffee, alcohol and garlic are not the best allies when you looking for better experiences for your partner. Water, citrus products and fruits are great options in this matter. However, this is not a change that will happen from one day to another. As everything in life, this takes time too.

4.     There is not a specific speed for it. Many people think that you should do it quickly, but the real fact is that you need to pay attention to the little details. Try different speeds and ways and see how your partner reacts to it.

5.     Oral sex is more pleasurable for men if you look at them. They are more visual so eye contact is a must if you want to take them to the moon!

6.     Semen is mainly made of protein and sugar, so it is absolutely fine if you want to swallow it. It doesn’t produce gastritis as many people think.

7.     It is good when you want to be creative and escape from the routine. This can be one of the best previous games before sex. Remember that everything counts and there are many ways to make your partner moan. Studies have shown that oral sex can produce more orgasms than penetration.


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