5 Types of Underwear Every Man Needs in 2021

With so many styles of underwear for men to choose from, it can be hard to decide what you actually need. 

We’ve done the hard work for you, and compiled a list of the best mens underwear that everyone needs in 2021, and narrowed it down to 5 categories. 

1. The Classic Boxer Brief

Malebasics Boxer Brief

The first type of underwear every man should have is the classic boxer brief. This underwear style combines all of the great qualities of boxer and brief styles, maintaining support while also being breathable. 

The boxer brief is great for everyday wear, as well as physical activity. 


Malebasics Hipster Trunk

Trunks are similar to boxer briefs, but a little shorter. While boxer briefs are longer on the legs, the hem of trunks will stop above mid-thigh, at the widest part of your leg. If you like the fit of boxer briefs, but don’t love the length, trunks are definitely a style you need to have in your drawer!

2. A Comfy Boxer Short

A comfy boxer short is an essential part of your underwear drawer. Boxer shorts are typically looser than styles like briefs and trunks, and are thus great if you’d prefer to ditch the added support for increased airflow. 

Whether you want to pick up a pair of cheap boxer shorts, or go all in with a pair of silk boxer shorts, this underwear type is a must-have. Another perk: length is up to you! If you don’t like the typical boxer short length, try a pair of short boxer shorts.

3. The 2-in-1 Swim/Underwear

There’s nothing better than buying one thing that serves multiple purposes, and that’s why a pair of 2-in-1 swim/underwear are a must have in 2021. Joe Snyder is one of the most recognized men’s underwear companies in the world, and their 80% Nylon 20% Lycra/SPandex blend makes their underwear perfect for everyday wear or poolside lounging. Not only are they comfortable, they’re convenient.

Joe Snyder Swim/Underwear

4. For Men on the Go: Moisture-Wicking Underwear

Malebasics Performance Titanium

If you’re active, it’s essential that you have moisture-wicking underwear. Whether you opt to get dri-fit or performance underwear is up to you, but this underwear type will help prevent chafing and uncomfortableness while on the go.

Moisture-wicking underwear will keep you comfortable while you’re sweating or damp, and is the best underwear for the gym! 

5. Something Sexy

Joe Snyder Lace Underwear

Last, but certainly not least, every man needs a pair of underwear that makes them feel sexy. The style that achieves this will be different for everyone, but MaleBasics’ options are extensive and bound to have something that makes you feel good about yourself. Whether you want to stay subtle with a pair of mesh underwear, be brave with lace underwear, or be bold with a jockstrap, there are tons of options for you.

5 Men’s Swimsuit Trends for 2021

Swim season has returned, and this time there are some new trends to be aware of. From the classic nautical print and the return of flower power to wild animal prints and coordinated sets for men, check out the top 5 men’s swimwear trends for 2021. 

Flower Power

Botanical prints have finally made the leap from womenswear to menswear, and that means a ton of flower-adorned men’s swim options this season. If you aren’t sure where to start or you don’t normally wear prints, look for florals that match your frame (i.e. a motif with larger flowers if you have a bigger build and a motif featuring smaller flowers if you’re leaner or smaller). Another option is to look for more muted floral prints. Even floral swimwear that is predominantly navy and white or all one colour will still make a statement. Our pick? These Wild Swim Trunks from Clever, also available in brief form.


Nothing says summer like nautical-inspired prints. Whether you’re hitting the beach or the pool, you’ll look effortlessly chic showing up in a navy, white, and/or red swimsuit embellished with flattering vertical stripes. (In case you forgot, nautical fashion hails from France, and there’s nothing better than French style.) Opt for a classic pair of swim trunks, like these retro-inspired JOR Tokio Swim Trunks, featuring white stitching and contrasting stripes along the hips.

Animal Print

Go wild this summer with a bold, animal-print swimsuit. Whether you’re more into cheetahs, giraffes, or zebras, we bet you can find a print to suit your style. Less into animal prints but love animals? Good news – these swimsuits are trending too. We’ve seen swim adorned with everything from sharks to leopards to zebras this season. For a more muted pattern, opt for something like this black and white leopard print Swim Bikini from Oceanico.

Matching Sets

One of this season’s biggest men’s resort wear trends? Coordinated sets. That’s right, matchy matchy is in – and there’s nothing we love better than a well-executed swim + outfit combo. For a beach-ready matching set, all you need is a pair of swim trunks or briefs that match your top. And the matchier the better. We’re not just talking about wearing a pair of black swim trunks with a black t-shirt. No, we recommend really going for it by finding a matching set featuring a bold motif. JOR has all kinds of matching sets, consisting of a microfibre swim top and matching swim bottoms. Our personal favorite is the Swim Shark Tank Top and Bikini duo. 

Beyond the Trunk 

This summer, it’s time to think beyond the trunk. While tailored men’s swim trunks (that hit above the mid-thigh or even higher) are pretty much always in season, we’ve noticed more non-trunk options for men. From bikinis and briefs to mini trunks and thongs, step out of your comfort zone this summer and try something you’ve never tried before. To ease into it, we recommend a mini trunk that offers full coverage in the back and hits you around your upper thigh. Want to dive right in (pun intended)? Strut your stuff in a thong, like the JOR Sunny Swim Thong, one of our most popular styles. 

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