Clever Mens Underwear

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Take a look at this range of Clever masculine underwear — the perfect solution to your everyday underwear needs. Classic, modern and sleek, this collection speaks to the guy who values quality and simplicity above all else. Sensual, stylish and down to earth, this classy range gives you total support when you need it most.

From sleek white, classic pieces to high class printed boxers, there’s a shape and a style to suit every man and every need.Opt for the Denim Brief Boxer for something a little different or the Plush Boxer if you’re after a touch of something naughtier. Whatever design you go for, they all have one thing in common: sophistication.

Designed with your manhood in mind, Clever is made with state of the art fabric that focuses on comfort and breathability. A mix of mesh, polyester and spandex ensures these pieces are designed to last. The brand’s Latin roots are apparent in most of their designs — bringing flair and sexiness to your everyday underwear.

With a wide range of boxers, briefs and thongs to choose from, you can really let your personality shine. Latin fashion is known for a being that little bit spicier, and who doesn’t want a splash of that irresistible character in their everyday wear? A smart, signature waistband gives the brand that luxury feel they are known for whilst also providing you with all day comfort and style.

Whilst a lot of the designs are classic and cool, there’s a hint of urban sexiness running through the collection that will help you to feel your best whatever the occasion. Pouches are made to be enhancing, flattering and comfortable whilst cheeky mesh panelling barely-there latin briefs will ensure you are ramping up the heat when you need it most.

Look closely and you’ll notice that the styling of the briefs in this collection is low on the hips, bringing everyday underwear into the modern world of fashion. This low-lying design is seamless beneath your clothes and perfect for those who want to feel that their underwear is supporting them in more ways than one.

Finally, the fabric used throughout this range is not only UV resistant and water repellent but the fabric features a fine appearance that is soft to the touch and even softer on the skin.