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Cut4Men the newest addition to the Malebasics family:


Cut4Men (C4M) is the latest addition from the creators of Joe Snyder, a company with over 40 years of experience in the men's underwear market, committed to revolutionize the concepts of male underwear and casual clothing.


Fed up with old-fashioned, boring, loose underclothing that makes you think about your grandpa? It's over now.


Cut4Men: it's all about making you feel great, hunky and confident!


How have they brought forth this new collection?


Necessity is the mother of innovation and they are aware of what you need. C4M have come up with sexy underwear for men, that not only enhances your attributes but also makes you feel comfortable, fabulous and stylish.


Leave behind those times of worn-out and frumpy underwear thanks to our countless brightly colored and patterned designs, for each personality type. We offer a wide variety of underwear styles. Some enjoy the comfort and security of briefs, others prefer the freedom of boxers, and many opt for boxer briefs while the most adventurous opt for thongs - ideal to spice things up-.


So, never worry about not having enough options to choose from.


This underwear line, by Joe Snyder, stands out for its high- quality fabric, durable, colorful and vivid prints over time, ranging from sleek, classic designs to revealing, provocative garments that make your imagination run wild and free.


They´ve taken care of all details, to suit anyone and everyone:


Thoughtfully selected materials that facilitate breathing, keep you cool and provide maximum support and comfort, thanks to delightfully smooth textures.


Made for men, and by men. They are aware of the importance of feeling comfortable in your skin, they designed underclothing for each body type. They are clingy, anatomically designed for a pleasant fit and enhancing purposes (make that bulge steal the show!).


The modern and stylish look and the feel of these garments are the perfect match to both look empowered and flawless. Top-notch underclothing, for every occasion, thought to keep your nether regions always fresh, adapting well everywhere - for the soccer field as well as for a day in your desk chair.


Washing clothes by hand is not your cup of tea? Not ours either. Our products are made from long-lasting fibers, which not only hold its shape over time but also hold its prints as bright and clear as the first day. With dry fast fabric and high technology fibers, that that guarantee easy care and maintenance garments.


This collection includes briefs, trunks, boxer shorts, boxer briefs, strings, thongs, jockstraps and accessories so that you can pick what best suits your personality. Embrace your sensuality and authenticity. Yeah, power comes from within…. and underneath. Altho

comfort and fit are both invaluable, we could not leave fashion and design aside. even if you don't show it all the time it's good to know that you are modern and risky


Wanting to show just a little? Try out our trunks. The low-rise shorts feature your abdomen so you can show lots of skin. The high cut legs cut off right at your upper thigh to highlight your leg muscles.


Feel like taking risks? How about a pouch lining that lifts your package up, looks daring and subtly inciting? The low-rise cut stops at the hip right below the natural waistline for a sexy finish. Waistband for utmost support.


For those who want to get out of their comfort zone: a thong doesn't hurt. It covers your lower body with a body-defining fit and minimal rear coverage. The low-rise cut stops at the hips creating a contoured look. Making it the best choice for any occasion, the pool, tanning or a night in the hot tube with friends.


Your underwear drawer should have go-to items that make you feel like you can take on the world and we know sex appeal is what makes mens underwear sexy. Thats is why each and every product on this collection is a one-of-a-kind garment that also offers what you seek for: a little bit of support and a little bit of freedom while keeping your manhood in place updated to the newest fashion trends.


Figures don’t lie. Experience and reliability blend to bring you the most sold men's underwear collection worldwide. With a unique value proposition gathering quality, affordable prices and uniqueness keep in mind: Life is like underwear, change is good. Our undies will make it better!


Investing in high-grade underwear can be a huge confidence booster. Give it a shot!


Remark: We offer discreet packaging, for those who wish to keep a low profile  and keep their adventures behind closed doors. But it is more than the secret that fuels the call of passion, it is sneakiness and the surprise of the unexpected, dare to be an avant-garde man willing to give everything in the name of passion and conquest.