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There’s always a reason to look sexy. It’s always healthy to spice things up with a partner and be more adventurous. Halloween is also right around the corner and this holiday is the perfect day to be the more attractive and interesting version of yourself.

Costumes are the best way to show off your sexy side. Not only that, but there are so many options on the market. You can choose a silly and unique costume or something that will seriously wow your partner!

Not sure which costume you want? If you’re looking for sexy men’s costumes, here are our 10 recommendations.

1. Sultry Commander

Are you interested in enforcing law and order? If so, you’ll love the sultry commander costume. You’ll receive a police hat, sunglasses, tie, boxers, and even a pair of handcuffs! A badge is printed on the boxers.

Look for a sultry commander outfit out of super stretch microfiber fabric. This fabric accentuates your body’s contours, resulting in a smooth and defining fit.

This costume is not only perfect for some fun with your partner. You’ll love wearing this costume to parties and it makes the perfect Halloween costume.

2. School Boy

Go back to school and hit the books with this sexy school boy outfit.

This outfit includes a tie and boxers. The tie is plaid and the boxers are mesh with plaid trim. You'll experience comfort with boxers that are low-rise and made of super soft net microfiber. These boxers are not only sexy but offer plenty of support.

For best results, find a handmade costume to ensure it’s the best quality.

3. Wrestler

Win the championship title with this sexy costume! You’ll love this costume because it’s perfect for playful evenings with your partner.

This wrestler costume includes two pieces: a wrestling mask and a matching thong. To amp up the sexiness, find a costume with a lace-up thong. You can choose between two colors: silver or black.

For best results, find a handmade wrestling costume made of polyester and elastane. The smooth microfiber is not only comfortable but also supportive.

4. Happy New Year

Ring in the New Year with this seriously sexy costume! You can welcome the New Year with shiny briefs, looking stunning and elegant on the first day of the New Year. This costume includes a black choker that says “Happy New Year” in gold and a gold and black mini hat.

The best New Years costumes are handmade and made of nylon, elastane, and lurex. This costume is comfortable and supportive, so you’ll love wearing it the entire night.

5. Butler

Do you love doing things for others? This butler costume is perfect for when you do something nice for your partner and also makes a great Halloween costume.

The costume looks very formal; the briefs are a black and white design with a red bow tie. The bow tie on the briefs matches a red bow tie you wear around your neck. There are also white cuffs that easily snap on and off.

For best results, find a handmade costume for quality. You’ll want to look for comfortable and supportive materials such as polyester and elastane.

6. Devil

This is the perfect Halloween costume! You’ll receive unique low-rise red briefs with a lace pattern and matching red devil horns. The costume also includes a black pitchfork.

This is a seriously sexy costume with plenty of coverage, perfect if you’re feeling devilish but don’t want to completely be exposed.

The fabric is also extremely soft. If you’ll be at the Halloween party for hours, you’ll feel comfortable the entire time. For best results, choose a handmade costume.

7. Reindeer Thong

Merry Christmas! If you’re in the holiday spirit, you’ll love this reindeer thong. The thong is nude and has a Rudolph design printed on the front. Anyone can recognize the antlers and the big red nose. The thong is low-rise, contouring your body well.

For best results, find a handmade reindeer thong made with polyester and elastane. The microfiber provides comfort and support, perfect if you’ll be spending the holidays cuddling up with your partner or underneath the mistletoe.

8. Vampire

A vampire is always a classic Halloween costume. Take your goth look to the next level with this amazing costume.

The costume begins with briefs — they’re black mesh with a red lace waistband. The second part of the costume is a crop top with an attached dickey on tulle fabric. Keep in mind, fangs aren’t included.

For best results, choose a handmade vampire costume made of polyester and spandex. Smooth microfiber makes this costume comfortable to wear all night.

9. Pilot

Have you ever wanted to fly an airplane? Be the captain of the flight with this seriously sexy pilot costume.

This costume is unique because the pilot’s tie morphs into a thong, acting as a teddy. You wear this teddy over a white crop top that looks like a traditional pilot’s costume. The costume also includes a pilot’s hat.

For best results, choose a handmade costume made of nylon and spandex. The microfiber is comfortable and provides plenty of support.

10. Unicorn

The most magical costume on this list is the unicorn! You have two options: boxers or a thong. For both, a 3D unicorn is printed on the costume. A rainbow criss-cross design on the back of the briefs. The briefs are purple lace and the thong has a multi-colored design and lace details.

This makes a great last-minute Halloween costume or is overall perfect for any guy who loves unicorns, fairy tales, and magic. Both pieces are handmade.

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Sexy men’s costumes are the best thing to spice up your love life, get into the festive spirit, or have a costume for a party. But should you buy any costume? You should only buy costumes that are handmade and made of high-quality materials.

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