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  1. Joe Snyder Bulge Singlet
    Joe Snyder Bulge Singlet
  2. Joe Snyder G-String Holes
    Joe Snyder G-String Holes
    $18.65 $14.92
  3. CandyMan 99522 Lace-Mesh Bodysuit Thong
    CandyMan 99522 Lace-Mesh Bodysuit Thong
  4. CandyMan 99533 Mesh Tight Highs
    CandyMan 99533 Mesh Tight Highs
  5. Joe Snyder Rio Thong
    Joe Snyder Rio Thong
  6. MOB Men's Lace Pouch Thong
    MOB Men's Lace Pouch Thong
  7. MOB Men's Fishnet Thong
    MOB Men's Fishnet Thong
  8. Joe Snyder Cheek Boxer Black Lace
    Joe Snyder Cheek Boxer Mesh
  9. CandyMan 9586 G-string thong.
    CandyMan 9586 G-string thong.
  10. CandyMan 99392 Thongs
    CandyMan 99392 Thongs
  11. MOB Tuxedo Lace Thong
    MOB Tuxedo Lace Thong
  12. Malebasics Summer Fun Jockstrap
    Malebasics Summer Fun Jockstrap
    $14.99 $11.99
  13. CandyMan 99625 Mesh Garter Briefs
    CandyMan 99625 Mesh Garter Briefs
  14. Joe Snyder Polyester Capri
    Joe Snyder Polyester Capri
  15. Joe Snyder Kini
    Joe Snyder Kini
  16. Joe Snyder Body White lace
    Joe Snyder Body Mesh
  17. MOB Print G-String
    MOB Print G-String
  18. Clever 0403 Risk Thongs
    Clever 0403 Risk Thongs
  19. Pikante 0334 Carisma Briefs
    Pikante 0334 Carisma Briefs
  20. Malebasics Sexy Pouch Thong
    Malebasics Sexy Pouch Thong
  21. CandyMan 99614 Cock-Ring Garter
    CandyMan 99614 Cock-Ring Garter
  22. CandyMan 99627 Lace Jockstrap
    CandyMan 99627 Lace Jockstrap
  23. Side View Running Short Royal Joe Snyder
    Joe Snyder Running Short
  24. Joe Snyder G-String Polyester
    Joe Snyder G-String Polyester
    Starts from $16.99
  25. Joe Snyder Infinity Thong White Mesh
    Joe Snyder Infinity Thong
  26. Joe Snyder Gloves Black Mesh
    Joe Snyder Gloves
  27. Joe Snyder Top Y Back
    Joe Snyder Top Y Back
  28. MOB Fetish Football Jockstrap Red
    MOB Fetish Football Jockstrap
  29. CandyMan 99234 Pants
    CandyMan 99234 Pants
  30. CandyMan 99242 Jockstrap
    CandyMan 99242 Jockstrap


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Put your sexiest foot forward with Malebasics’ luxurious collection of naughty, sexy men’s underwear. Carrying world-renowned brands, including Joe Snyder, MOB Eroticwear, Jack Adams, Clever, Male Power, and Pikante, you can’t go wrong with any pair. From lace and mesh to microfibre and fishnet, we offer a range of sexy materials to suit all men. We always have a variety of styles to choose from as well, such as g-strings, jockstraps, boxers, bikinis, boxer briefs, thongs, and even bodysuits. In line with our mission to marry quality underwear with innovative designs, our naughty, sexy men’s underwear collection is one of our most exciting yet. Many of the styles we carry have special design elements, like MOB Eroticwear’s Front Zipper Thong, Lace Open Back Boxer, or Mirror underwear line, which gives the effect of shiny leather. Feeling sexy in the bedroom has never been easier.

Men’s Sexy Jockstraps

Dare to bare in a sexy men’s jockstrap that will take your underwear game to the next level. Malebasics’ collection of sheer jockstraps will be sure to catch the eye of your partner thanks to the exposed rear and seductive fabrics and colours they’re available in. Black lace from MOB Eroticwear, leopard print from Male Power, and animal print micro mesh from Clever are just a few examples that will make you stand out in the bedroom. Each sexy jockstrap is a step up from the traditional style, boasting a design that moulds to your body and shows off your best features. The jockstrap style in the rear provides support at the bottom of your buttocks, leaving the rest perky and exposed. Meanwhile the front pouch simultaneously enhances and supports your package. Spice up your sex life with Malebasics’ sexy men’s jockstraps.

Men’s Sexy Bikinis

For a pair of men’s underwear that offers additional coverage but will still leave you looking and feeling your sexiest, an erotic bikini is for you. Like a g-string or thong, our collection of tantalizing men’s bikinis will leave your partner wanting more but will provide you with even more support and coverage. If you’re a little shy when it comes to the world of sexy men’s underwear, this is a great place to start. The rear clings to your buttocks, offering maximum coverage with just a slight peek of the outer cheeks. The front cup adjusts to suit every man and is guaranteed to have you looking your best. Plus, our extensive offerings include modern spins on the classic bikini if you’re looking for something a little bit more interesting, such as MOB Eroticwear’s Crossed Back Bikini in Lace or Side Way Mesh Bikini with cutout mesh straps on one side of your hip. Feel you most erotic self with a little help from Malebasics’ sexy men’s bikinis.