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  1. G-String Sock It Men White Lace Joe Snyder
    Joe Snyder G-String Sock It
  2. MOB Mirror G String
    MOB Mirror G String
  3. Joe Snyder Mini Cheek Mesh
    Joe Snyder Mini Cheek Mesh
  4. Joe Snyder Bulge Singlet
    Joe Snyder Bulge Singlet
  5. Joe Snyder G-String Holes
    Joe Snyder G-String Holes
    $18.65 $14.92
  6. C-IN2 C-Theory Jockstrap Yellow
    C-IN2 C-Theory Jockstrap
    $23.00 $18.40
  7. Doreanse 1392-BLK Euro Thong
    Doreanse 1392-BLK Euro Thong
  8. Doreanse 1215-BLK Naked Bikini
    Doreanse 1215-BLK Naked Bikini
  9. CandyMan 99522 Lace-Mesh Bodysuit Thong
    CandyMan 99522 Lace-Mesh Bodysuit Thong
  10. CandyMan 99533 Mesh Tight Highs
    CandyMan 99533 Mesh Tight Highs
  11. DNGEON Straight back Harness  new colors by MOB
    DNGEON Straight back Harness new colors by MOB
    Starts from $27.00
  12. JUSTIN + SIMON Bikini One
    JUSTIN + SIMON Bikini One
  13. Joe Snyder Rio Thong
    Joe Snyder Rio Thong
  14. MOB Men's Lace Pouch Thong
    MOB Men's Lace Pouch Thong
  15. MOB Men's Fishnet Thong
    MOB Men's Fishnet Thong
  16. Joe Snyder Cheek Boxer Black Lace
    Joe Snyder Cheek Boxer Mesh
  17. CandyMan 9586 G-string thong.
    CandyMan 9586 G-string thong.
  18. CandyMan 99392 Thongs
    CandyMan 99392 Thongs
  19. Doreanse 1760-WHT Low-rise Trunk
    Doreanse 1760-WHT Low-rise Trunk
  20. MOB Tuxedo Lace Thong
    MOB Tuxedo Lace Thong
  21. MOB Hipster T Thong Print
    MOB Hipster T Thong Print
  22. Malebasics Summer Fun Jockstrap
    Malebasics Summer Fun Jockstrap
    $14.99 $11.99
  23. CandyMan 99625 Mesh Garter Briefs
    CandyMan 99625 Mesh Garter Briefs
  24. Joe Snyder Polyester Capri
    Joe Snyder Polyester Capri
  25. Joe Snyder Kini
    Joe Snyder Kini
  26. Joe Snyder Body White lace
    Joe Snyder Body Mesh
  27. Doreanse 1395-BLK Aire Bikini
    Doreanse 1395-BLK Aire Bikini
  28. Doreanse 1280-BRD Hang-loose Thong
    Doreanse 1280-BRD Hang-loose Thong
  29. Doreanse 1392-BRD Euro Thong
    Doreanse 1392-BRD Euro Thong
  30. MOB Print G-String
    MOB Print G-String


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MOB Eroticwear for Men

Here's a question you've probably never asked yourself. It's one of those topics that, until now, has never really needed addressing. But MOB Eroticwear, an actual lingerie brand for men, is here to change the discourse on gender-specific intimates.Although it is still far from becoming a mainstream style, more and more men are trying out this lightweight, breathable, sheer and dare I say it, super sexy fabric.

MOB Eroticwear from Malebasics takes the feminine material and cuts it into styles that are all about showing off the male form. From thongs, shorts or jockstraps and body suits, each MOB piece feature a frontal lace pouch designed with a contouring seam to give your package more definition. MOB takes design and teasing to new level in an array of cuts, colors and styles. Every delicate style is made to last and will survive most trips in the washer and dryer.

And the pioneer brand doesn’t stop there. It also offers mesh and fishnet underwear picks as well. Mesh underwear is made out of a lightweight material that allows for breathability. This characteristic has made it a popular fabric choice. If you really feel wild, try fishnet: a fabric with an open mesh resembling a fishing net.

Sexy Men Jockstraps

Every MOB lace jockstrap gives lovers of lace a sexy, yet sporty style to wear anytime they want to indulge their fetish. It's made from sheer, stretch lace features a wide waistband for maximum lace exposure. The pouch is seamed in the front for sexy shape and definition, and the rear straps are thin to show off your finest assets. If you feel like slipping into something even more daring, try a mesh or fishnet jockstrap.

Sexy Men Thongs

If you prefer thongs, MOB offers guys who love lace a chance to enjoy this delicate luxury, but with a contour pouch that contains your goods. Whether you just like the look or harbor a hardcore fetish for the stuff, this skimpy thong is as lacy as it gets. The minimal coverage shows lots of skin and won't show up under clothes. Once you try on your first lace thongs, the sudden envy of trying out mesh or fishnet will probably hit you.

Sexy Men Trunks

Every MOB trunk is made with a luxurious l of lace designed specifically for your male anatomy. Our innovative trunks for men who crave lace are designed with a stretch fabric that's breathable and oh-so-smooth against your skin. With its sheer composition and accommodating contoured pouch, lacy is the new racy. Feeling adventurous? Check out fishnet or mesh thongs for added sexiness.

Sexy Men Briefs & Bikinis

You like the feel of a brief or bikini? When you want to dress to impress then pick one of those 2. Every lace, fishnet or mesh garment features front is low cut and draws the eye to the barely visible beneath. The rear offers full coverage but the see through material adds that little bit of naughty. The fine trim makes up the waistband and the sides are only contained and obstructed from view by a narrow string which can be positioned to suit. The front pouch seam providing support, stability and added contour.

Sexy One-Piece Body

MOB Erotic wear one-piece body suit takes the basic body one step further and is a super sheer stretchy lacy number that will have you dancing circles around the bedroom. Every sexy body-suit for men has exquisitely delicate embroidered rose design lace which hugs and caresses the contours of your body emphasizing its masculine shape. The front mimics a vest top with attached trunks. The rear has a central zip for practicality and the seductive cut across the bottom of the cheeks shows just enough.

Ready to dive in a sexier world? If you’re looking for quality and comfort, shop at MOB. Our online interface makes it easy for you to order your thongs, bodysuits, trunks or jockstraps. We offer discreet packaging and fast shipping options to ensure you that you’ll be able to enjoy your purchase as quickly as possible.

Malebasics Underwear Club

Showcare your best assets and treat yourself all at once by signing up for the Malebasics Underwear Club. By subscribing, you will not only save money, but also receive FREE gifts - we love to keep our customers satisfied.