A Malebasics Guide: How Well We Know Our Underwear

Malebasics Guide: How Well We Know Our Underwear, types of male underwear to boost your confidence!

Underwear shopping is no easy task. With so many different styles out there, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. How well we know our underwear, luckily we’re experts in all things men’s underwear and we’re here to provide some much-needed insight into the lesser-known styles for men.

Keep reading to discover the differences between some of our favorite styles of men’s underwear, including tangas, g-strings, bikinis, and more.

Bikini, more daring classic:

A bikini is one of the classic men’s (and women’s) underwear styles
º A bikini is typically slimmer on the sides than a brief and offers slightly less coverage in the rear.

A bikini is one of the classic men’s (and women’s) underwear styles. A bikini is typically slimmer on the sides than a brief, and offers slightly less coverage in the rear. That said, there is still plenty of fabric here so even if “barely-there” underwear isn’t your thing, you should be totally fine rocking a bikini.

Men’s bikinis have a supportive pouch in the front, a plush waistband, and an almost fully covered rear, revealing just a hint of cheek. Men’s bikini underwear styles come in a wide range of colors and fabrics, including lace, mesh, and nylon.

Here are our best ones.

Tanga by definition the European underwear flag: 

Few people realize what the tanga is and we’re here to not only explain it to you but also let you in on a few key secrets. First, think of the tanga like a cross between a thong and a bikini. The tanga offers more rear coverage than a thong but less than a bikini. So if you’re looking for a cheeky but modest fit, this is the style for you. In the rear, you’ll have roughly half your buttocks exposed while wearing a tanga owing to the narrower cut.

Most tangas also have plush waistbands, compared to the thin straps of g-strings, and full coverage in the front. Overall, tangas provide moderate coverage, which allows them to be both sexy and comfortable. Whether you love the in-between fit of tangas or are using them to transition from bikinis to thongs, we recommend giving the tanga style a try.

Tanga like a cross between a thong and a bikini
he tanga offers more rear coverage than a thong but less than a bikini.

The best seller thong:

Thongs are a staple in most underwear drawers for a reason. They provide plenty of support via a triangular pouch in the front, but also plenty of freedom owing to the minimal fabric in the rear. Although some people claim thongs are uncomfortable, we believe that if you’re uncomfortable wearing a thong, it’s either the fabric or the fit.

G-strings are as skimpy as it gets
Make you feel like you’re not wearing any underwear at all, a g-string is the way to g

The key is to find a thong that is snug, but not too tight. In addition, look for thongs made out of cotton or microfibre, such as those offered at Malebasics, which not only feel soft against the skin but will wick moisture and prevent chafing. Once you find one that’s right for you, we guarantee it will be hard to go back to boxers and briefs.

The sexiest, smallest one the G-String:

Many people confuse g-strings and thongs, believing them to be one and the same. While there are similarities, there are also major differences that make both of them must-haves in your underwear drawer.

The biggest difference? The amount of fabric. G-strings are as skimpy as it gets when it comes to underwear, so if you want a pair of underwear that will, for the most part, make you feel like you’re not wearing any underwear at all, a g-string is the way to go. When it comes to men’s underwear, g-strings generally have a triangular, supportive pouch in the front, and then the rest is all strings and straps.

This is in contrast to a thong, which generally has a thicker band, and a small triangle of coverage in the rear. Ultimately, if you’re wearing something tight and want to completely eliminate underwear lines, or if you’re looking for something sexy to wear in the bedroom, a g-string is the way to go. So this is how well we know our underwear. 

By: Emily Southey

Best Kind of Underwear for Working Out

Both men and women know that not all underwear is created equal – especially when it comes to working out. Chafing, rubbing, and even a rash can be the result of wearing an ill-fitting pair of underwear during a workout session. Luckily, there is a way to be comfortable while working out, so long as you know what kind of underwear to look for. Below, we delve into the fabric and fits of underwear that are ideal for a sweaty session at the gym.

Malebasics Performance Titanium +Fit Boxer Brief


Shopping for underwear is about more than colour or style. Instead, your main focus should be on the fabric. When it comes to working out, there are really two underwear fabrics to be on the lookout for: cotton and microfibre.


Cotton is great because not only is it super soft, it’s also breathable, which is exactly what you want when you’re sweating excessively. Further, studies have shown that cotton helps you give off less post-exercise odour than many of its competitors, owing to its high absorption rate. That said, if you’re doing a high-intensity workout or tend to run on the sweatier side, you may want to consider another fabric, like microfibre, as cotton is not quick-drying, which means by the end of your workout you could be left drenched.


On the flip side, microfibre, unlike cotton, is both stretchy and quick-drying, ensuring you’re not soaked leaving the gym. Microfibre options are typically made out of synthetic fabrics like nylon, spandex (lycra), or polyester. Nylon, in particular, is very breathable, which allows cool air to reach the skin underneath, while simultaneously wicking moisture from your skin into the fabric, where it then evaporates. Meanwhile, spandex is a dream when it comes to stretchiness (fun fact: spandex can stretch up to six times its normal length, before easily snapping back into shape). Thus, the type of workout you’re doing, regardless of sweat, may also dictate which fabric you should go for. For example, if you know you’ll be moving your body every which way in a yoga class, then spandex is definitely a winner.



Although not quite as important as fabric, fit is still something to consider when shopping for exercise underwear. The key is to find a pair of underwear that fits your body snugly without riding up. Comfort is the most important factor, especially for wedgie-inducing exercises like squat reps or an hour on the stationary bike. If you’re weight training, then a pair of fitted, moisture-wicking trunks or briefs might do the trick. But if you’re running (and want to avoid bulky pantylines), then a thong, g-string, or jockstrap might be your preference. Ultimately, there is no right or wrong fit of underwear to wear while working out, so long as they fit correctly and don’t ride up.


Overall, we recommend having a wide range of workout-ready underwear in your arsenal, so no matter what form of exercise you do, and no matter what workout clothes you’re wearing overtop, you’ll be ready to go. Shop Malebasics’ wide selections of men’s performance underwear today.


By: Emily Southey

How To Spice Up Your Sex Life With Halloween Costumes

Do you and your partner want to spice up your sex life? Good news — Halloween is just around the corner. This holiday is a great opportunity for you to experiment with some sexy roleplay! Check out this delightfully devilish list of sex positions based off of Pornhub’s top trending costumes.

Ride em’ cowgirl

On Halloween, the cowgirl position is the number 1 search for men. This position is perfect for couples who are dressing up as a sexy cowboy or cowgirl. Cowgirl is quite simple — all you have to do is kneel on top of your partner, use your hands to gently push off their chest, and then slide up and down (as fast or slow as you like). If you want to be extra adventurous, widen your knees or bring them closer to their body. We have a feeling you’re going to enjoy your journey through the wild, west West!

Harley Quinn & Joker

According to Pornhub, Harley Quinn and Joker are the top searches for both male and female audiences. If you or your partner are dressed as Harley Quinn, switch things up by doing the reverse cowgirl position. Have your partner lay down and mount them in the opposite direction. Harley Quinn loves to take charge and play rough. Whoever is on top will be in control, creating a hot dynamic between you and your lover. And of course, don’t forget to wear poker-print briefs for the mischievous occasion.

Devious Dracula

 Vampires are an awesome costume choice, especially when you’re into exchanging sensual bites and kisses. To get into the mood, do the spooning sex position and playfully nibble on your partner’s neck and back. This position can also be done standing up with one leg around your partner, giving you easy neck access for those tender but thrilling bites.

 Super Spidey-Senses

 We have all seen that iconically steamy scene in Spiderman where Spidey and Mary Jane are kissing upside down. Why not recreate the scene by having sex upside down? Get into the handstand position with your feet leaning against the wall. Your spidey senses surely will be tingling! Put on some spicy underwear that you can easily slip off.

Teacher’s Pet

 Are you or your partner dressing like a school teacher? Then definitely try doggy style. Woof! The partner who is being penetrated gets on all fours, while the other person kneels behind them with their upper body straight up or slightly draped over. Is the teacher’s pet misbehaving and being a little naughty? It may be time to lightly spank them with a ruler.

 Halloween is your chance to show a more adventurous side to your sexuality. However, things can happen. If you are having issues getting hard or keeping an erection, you should look into viagra and other scientifically proven ED medications. With telehealth platforms you can get a prescription for viagra online if a medical professional approves and have it sent directly to your doorstep. ED doesn’t have to impact your sex life — get prepared ahead of time!


Written by: Julia B.

All you need to know about socks

Traditional and conservative styles used to be very trendy, but in the last 8 years, stripes, fun shapes and bright colours came up and, out of nowhere, important businessmen started to wear colourful socks with their suits. Is it classy?

Fun socks can be elegant too

When it comes to fashion nothing is forbidden. Everyone has their own right to set a style to stand up from others, however, for those who are still interested in fitting into the society, there are some general rules, especially when wearing elegant suits.

If you are not a risk-taker, classics should be your option. No matter where you go, nothing can go wrong with them, but keep in mind that you will be wearing neutral colours at all times. Neutral colours are: black, blue or brown. If you like white, please leave it for the gym. This colour will never be elegant.

When choosing your socks, you must pay attention to the colour of your trousers. Always the socks should match the colour of it, but always have to be darker. For black, grey and blue suits, we recommend you navy socks. Leave the black ones for really elegant occasions.

In case your suit is light coloured, remember that your socks must be darker and, in this case, focus your attention on the colour of the shoes. When thinking about the length, all you need to know is that when you are seated, nobody should be able to see your legs.

Apart from elegant occasions, you don’t need to pay attention to your socks, except when wearing moccasins. Please, do not wear white socks with them!



Beer belly? All you need to know…

I bet you used to laugh at your dad and uncles when you were younger, but now you are truly worried about the way you look. You know that you don’t eat the best quality food, but still don’t have a clue of what is causing you that huge belly.

If you are over 30 years, this is a reality that you need to face: As the years go by, more fat accumulates in your abdomen and we find it harder to eliminate it, but don’t panic, women suffer something similar, but in their hips. Youth, divine gift!

The fat accumulation is due to lots of factors such as hereditary, hormonal and medical, not just to nutritional issues, although, of course, your diet is something that you need to watch out and exercising plays a very important role here too.

For sure, a big belly is not aesthetic, but there is a big difference between something that you don’t like and something that you need to worry about. Get a measurement tap, if your waist circumference is bigger than 41 inches (102 centimetres), you need to make an appointment with a doctor as you have abdominal obesity.

Do it at least once a month

On summer times our appearance seems to be our main focus as we want to go to pool parties and the beach with our friends, but this is something that we should pay more attention to. Can you believe that this is related to illnesses like asthma, prostate cancer and osteoporosis?!

Sometimes finding the time to do exercise can be tricky, but if you walk at least 20 mins every day is more than enough. Instead, you can consider starting with a clean and healthy diet. When it comes to a good shape, 70% is about your eating habits and 30% the exercise that you do. You actually burn more calories throughout the day than at the gym, so now that you know the secret, when are you planning to start?



From friends to lovers: how to survive in the attempt

Do you believe in boy-girl friendships? Do you think that it can last for a long time without any of the parties falling in love? I hope you never make the big mistake of getting involve with your best friend whilst being drunk at a party, but if you have done it, these are questions that you are probably asking yourself.

You probably have one friend with who you met at the kindergarten or maybe, at uni and you have been inseparable ever since. You can barely imagine your life without each other! And let me tell you a secret… did you know that studies have shown that most of the times men are the first in falling in love with women?

When love have always been in the air

Well the good news is that marriages and long-term relationships in general, tend to last longer when there was a friendship before a relationship. As you know, love suffers a transformation over time and so, there has to be something stronger between you two to be able to go throughout difficult times. That strong thing can perfectly be a friendship.

Hollywood and love

Let’s be honest, when we think about a partner, we expect someone perfect, almost like actors in Hollywood movies are, whereas when it comes to friends, we just expect loyalty from them. The input? People that we love for who they really are and not who we imagine they are.

The best of a relationship that you are starting with a friend? You already know very well each other, but be careful because you can get surprised. Some people can be very different in each aspect, so try to go slow and be prepared for new things.

Downsides? If the relationship doesn’t work, you will lose your friendship too and this is why you both have to be very sure about your feelings, however, you can have a soulmate for the rest of your life if love is successful, so it definitely is worthwhile.



Hair care and its secrets

Dandruff and alopecia are probably two of the biggest worries for men. Can they go away? The answer is “it depends on the cause. If it is caused by genetic causes, no”, but there is good news in this topic, you can still do lots of things to prevent many hair struggles and problems. You can always look at your best:

  1. Avoid high temperatures and don’t think just of sun exposure. You need to start caring about how warm your showers are and in case you have to use a hairdryer, make sure that the air is cold.


  1. Don’t wash your hair more than 3 times per week and use conditioner. Yes, men need to use conditioner too, especially if you are looking for brightness, volume and smoothness, but do it on the ends and not directly on the root.


  1. Don’t scratch your hair with your nails very hard or with sharp objects.


  1. Watch what you eat. The same as with our health, our hair needs some vitamins in order to keep nourished. The following are the main vitamins:

-Biotin: Some shampoo that you find at the supermarkets say that they include this vitamin, however, this is not enough. In this case, you will either get the vitamin at a store or include some of these foods in your diet: beef and pork liver, egg yolks, spinach, nuts and beer yeast. Biotin is good to help you in the prevention of thinning hair.


-Folic acid: its low levels are the main cause of hair loss. You can increase it with consumption of spinach, asparagus, oranges and sunflower seeds.


-Pantothenic acid: it has been shown to delay the appearance of grey hair and reduce dandruff. The foods that have high content of it are salmon, eggs, cauliflower, cabbage, integral rice, beer yeast. -Zinc, iron and copper: they are very important to protect and strengthen hair. In addition to helping to keep hair follicles in good condition and to help hair development. These minerals increase testosterone and strengthen the immune system. You can find them in: carrots, mango, pork liver, oysters, integral rice, aubergines, asparagus, celery

These are some useful advice, but if the problem continues, make an appointment with a dermatologist. Every case is different and you might need a stronger treatment.


Gay Kamasutra guide

Creativity is a virtue and a must in long-term relationships. Suggest always something new can be tricky and unavoidably, the scary routine shows up. Our recommendation? Don’t rely just on sex because it becomes normal too.

However, we need to understand the big impact that sex has not just in our lives, but in relationships too. Sex is not just about pleasure. Sex is about connection and confidence too. We have selected a variety of gay sex positions that are sure to be a hit in your bedroom.


If you just came out and are starting to try with anal sex this is a good position for you as a bottom because you can have everything under control. This position is about riding your man’s cock and the good part of it is that you can go your own pace.

Not a huge fan of beds?

Bending over can be your one! but keep in mind that is up to the top to make out of this an enjoyable experience for the bottom or not. What is the key? Communication and finding the right angle!

First than nothing, you both need to make sure that you enjoy to fuck hard. Can be helpful for the bottom if he is the one who leads the action, being who backs onto the top’s cock.

A romantic?

This is the perfect position if you want to continue watching a film and meanwhile have some intimacy: On the side. The bottom needs to lay on their side and be ready for lots of kisses in the neck. Enjoy!

Have you lost the excitement?

You have to try with standing positions. The bodyguard is the most classic. The bottom faces away from the top and the top enters from behind.

Adventurous and really active?

This one is something that you have to try, the suspended congress, but keep in mind that a sporty lifestyle is a must, especially for the top who will need to pick up the bottom. The bottom also needs to wrap with his arms the top, in order to bring more support. For more comfort, you can try it doing the act against a wall.



Coming out

Homosexuality became a trend. This is a big fact, although some questions come to my mind: Are there more gay people now? Or is it just simply because people feel more supported now? Nevertheless, nowadays what we are finding in our society is that lots of our friends are coming out of the closet and people now prefer to have pets instead of children.

Modern times have changed the way we love

Did something change? Yes, our society is more open-minded, but there is still something that people cannot bear: lies, especially in relationships and is starting to become popular the fact that long relationships and marriages are ending because one of them confess that is gay.

And come on! Is not that they are realizing this just now. They are just feeling that they cannot resist one more day with this big lie. At the end of the day is easier to cheat on everyone else than ourselves.

How can I face this process in my life?

This will always be difficult no matter what your situation is, but to be fair, it can be more complicated if you have already formed a family with your partner because for you is about to start a new life, but for them is usually a longer process.

Is common for the other part involved to get upset at the very beginning as it is difficult to understand, but is a must for you to realize that once you talk about it, you have to move on with your life no matter how tough it can get.

It might seem obvious but many people often pretend to confess how they feel and continue with their current lives and relationships as they are really attached to them without realizing how painful it can be. The most common reaction tends to be that people feel cheated.

Things can be very complicated as the other person starts wondering what they did wrong, so the best thing to do is to be as honest as you can and find help from a counsellor or close friends and be determined to face and go throughout the new life that you have to begin.



Are we losing our summer break?

Who doesn’t dream the whole year with the summer break? We all have many expectations of our summer plans and I am sure that if we all had known in December of last year what would happen in 2020, everybody would have acted very differently.

Some countries are having currently more productive life than others, but still moving from one place to another keep being tough. You have to be desperate or in real need to take the adventure of travelling right now.

So, what are people doing?

It is not a secret that many people are scared of going out, however, what facts are showing are that people are travelling by car, not by plane -this is a generalization, of course- and that people are not planning ahead their summer breaks. They are making plans on the go.

Safe and local holidays

It seems nonsense to spend lots of money in plane tickets if you want to visit a city or country that ask you to be under quarantine for 14 days once you have landed or if the place doesn’t have open restaurants, for example. It is quite boring to have to think about all the things that you cannot do instead of the things that you actually want to do. This is how much COVID 19 has affected our lives.

Calm places. That is what people are looking for. After all these difficult times, people are opting for places near home and where they can relax and enjoy without the necessity of interacting with others, plus the fact of not having expensive holidays as the economic situation is not the best at the moment either.

COVID-free hotels are part of Google trends now! Unbelievable, but people nowadays want to enjoy whilst thinking of safety. This is why people are also opting for websites and Apps like Airbnb when choosing accommodation. Hotels can be risky due to the amount of people that are circulating in the same place.

Changes are here to stay! that is a statement that we must get used to, however, we like to see the glass half full and this can also be good for local and little shops, hotels and industries in general.