5 Examples Of Bad Beach Board Shorts

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Swimwear shopping is no easy task. Picking out a pair of board shorts that not only look great, but feel great too, can take hours. Luckily, we’ve come up with a few key tenets to remember when shopping for board shorts. From this season’s hottest styles, to the must-have materials, check out 5 examples of bad beach board shorts. Continue reading “5 Examples Of Bad Beach Board Shorts”

How to Kick Up Your Sock Game

Socks are an important piece of clothing, even though most men don’t pay much attention to them. Like your underwear, they are not only a visible part of our outfit and are also important because they are functional. Socks absorb our perspiration, protect us from abrasion and so much more. A bad pair of socks can temper your feet and mood, while a good one can go a long way. Continue reading “How to Kick Up Your Sock Game”

Beach Essentials For The Modern Man


Preparing for a day at the beach is no simple task. In addition to the basics like towels, chairs, and umbrellas, you have to figure out how to look your best. Below, we’ve highlighted four beach essentials for the modern man, all of which will ensure your skin stays healthy and you look as stylish as ever during your beach getaway. Continue reading “Beach Essentials For The Modern Man”

5 Beautiful Beaches You’ve Never Heard Of

Sure, South Beach, Bondi Beach, and Huntington Beach are great, but sometimes you feel like going a little off the beaten path. Whether the crowds of tourists have tired you out or you just feel like travelling somewhere new, the five beaches below won’t disappoint. From the rugged Central California coast to a red volcanic beach in Greece, check out 5 beautiful beaches you’ve never heard of. Continue reading “5 Beautiful Beaches You’ve Never Heard Of”

Why You Should Add Hiking to Your Fitness Routine

Study after study shows that being around, in or even just looking at nature has actual mental-health benefits. The tranquility of nature is in fact the first reason you should add hiking to your fitness regimen, and no that doesn’t include watching OLN on your marvellous 4K TV, it also doesn’t include hanging your MaleBasics in the backyard to dry while soaking in all your yard has to offer…well actually that’s better than nothing. Continue reading “Why You Should Add Hiking to Your Fitness Routine”

5 Best Travel Photo Spots To Visit On Spring Break

Rather than visiting the same old all-inclusive resort, why not get a little adventurous this Spring Break? Whether you’re craving Latin American heat, Icelandic hot springs, or South Florida tranquility, you can have it all – and we guarantee you’ll have several incredible photos to show for it. Continue reading “5 Best Travel Photo Spots To Visit On Spring Break”