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    ErgoWear EW1309 MAX SE Trunks
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    Private Structure PBUT4378 Bamboo Mid Waist Mini Briefs
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You step out of a steamy morning shower and begin the process of dressing for success. But the first men's article of clothing you reach for is the one that most people from the boardroom to the workout room will never see: your skivvies.

You're in good company, too. Research shows that only 5% to 7% of males do not wear underwear.

Not all men's underwear is the same, though. So, how do you go about finding the best men's underwear for you?

Here's a rundown of everything you need to know about purchasing underwear for men.

Let's jump in!


One of the most in-demand underwear options for men is boxers, also known as boxer shorts. That's because these undies offer an excellent balance between style and comfort.

Boxers sit on your waist with a band made from elastic. In addition, they extend partway down the leg with leg openings featuring short inseams.

When you wear this loose-fitting underwear, you'll feel like you're wearing thin shorts. That's one of the benefits of wearing boxers: these undergarments provide maximum coverage.

The comfort that boxers provide also makes them a great choice for enjoying a night on the town, lounging around your house, or even hitting the sack.

With boxers, everything down there is allowed to hang free. As a result, you'll feel like the 5% to 7% of males who go commando (more on this later) while still safeguarding your privates from unnecessary friction from shorts and pants.

Additional Benefits and Drawbacks

Another reason why men love boxers is that they offer excellent airflow, therefore keeping you feeling dry and cool. In addition to being breathable, boxers come with a handy button fly opening. This means you can avoid pulling your undies down whenever nature calls.

Not crazy about wearing bulky and large underwear? No worries. Contemporary boxers tend to be form-fitting unlike in the past, which means you can easily wear them with today's in-demand slimmer pants options.

For instance, you can wear these undies with your favorite skinny jeans. When shopping around for boxers, search for some with a tailored, modern cut, as they should flatter and complement your body shape.

Note that boxers work perfectly with both informal and formal clothing as well. Also, they are typically made of cotton (more on this later, too) and are designed to hold up with no problem after several washes.

A drawback of boxers, though, is that they can easily bunch up beneath clothing, which can be annoying. On top of this, they may not provide you with enough support during physical activity.


Briefs, often called tighty-whiteys, are another popular underwear option characterized by their lack of leg coverage and elastic waistband. Their claim to fame is the fact that they offer the most support of any other underwear style available today.

These Y-shaped undergarments will snugly hold everything in place. Although it can feel good to give your boys a little freedom in boxers, sometimes they want a little support, too. Just be sure that your briefs aren't too tight, as this will make your guys feel smothered and uncomfortable.

You may want to try out more than one size of your desired briefs to make certain that you have a properly fitting pair.

Additional Benefits of Briefs

Although briefs are great for everyday wear, you may especially find them handy if you play high-intensity sports or work out as well. That's because if you opt for boxers during intense activities instead, this could lead to chafing.

Even worse, you may experience a twisting mishap, like testicular torsion. This condition occurs when the cord supplying blood to your testicles inadvertently twists, therefore causing you severe and sudden swelling and pain.

Note that briefs are most flattering for men who have bigger thighs, as they elongate the level. They're additionally an attractive option for men who are well-endowed.

Furthermore, you may like briefs if you spend most of your day sitting or like wearing low-rise or skinny jeans, as the material won't bunch up as boxers do. That's because they don't extend beyond the crease between your leg and body.

Drawbacks of Briefs

You may have a hard time choosing briefs over other men's underwear options just because they conjure up memories of wearing briefs as a young boy. In addition, you might not like the fact that they can accentuate a portly figure.

However, briefs today are available in various lengths (for example, high-, mid-, and low-rise) and materials. So, you do not necessarily need to wear the style you wore as a child if you prefer not to do so. In addition, you may be able to find a brief length that complements your figure well.

Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs, which sit on your waist, offer the best of two worlds -- boxers and classic briefs -- making them the total package.

These undergarments are comfortable, supportive, and snug-like briefs, but they are also more universally attractive and form-fitting like the modern boxer is. In light of this, boxer briefs are among the best-looking men's underwear options available today.

This tapered underwear option is especially flattering for men with fuller butts, as well as taller men. They also look great on portly men.

Unlike regular boxers, boxer briefs feature a shorter leg. This means they won't bunch up beneath your pants as much. As a result, they work well under all types of pants.

Boxer briefs will also provide your balls with plenty of support. This makes them ideal for workouts.


Trunks, which sit on your waist below your navel, are another popular type of men's underwear. They stand out for providing full coverage, support to your genital and abdominal areas, and protection.

With their slim silhouettes, trunks offer a close fit like briefs do, making them form-fitting and fashionable. However, trunks also offer a longer leg length like boxers do, covering half of your thigh. Still, they have a shorter inseam compared with boxers, so you can easily show off your thigh gains in these undergarments.

Trunks will also make you look taller by accentuating your leg, so they're especially flattering for shorter men. In addition, they complement the bodies of slimmer men.

Trunks are additionally a wonderful choice for rocking skinny jeans, as they won't bunch up on your leg.

In addition, these undergarments are handy to wear in any season. Their tight fit can help you to retain heat during the cold months, keeping you warm. At the same time, their slimmer design will keep you cooler during the summer months.

Do you enjoy working out? If so, you'll also find trunks to be a convenient underwear option, as they help to prevent chaffing in your calf area. You can even wear them to the beach, as they look like tight shorts.

Bikinis and Thongs

Finally, if you like the look and feel of minimal coverage, look no further than men's bikinis or thongs. These options are ideal for men whose bodies are well-sculpted.

Bikinis are essentially a smaller brief style. Also called micro briefs, bikinis expose your entire thigh but still cover your buttocks and have a small pouch in the front.

The benefit of bikinis is that they are statement-making, and you won't have bunching issues with them. However, the rear string may be uncomfortable for you.

Thongs are similar to bikinis. They feature a confined area on the front, which is connected to skinny fabric strips. This type of underwear will leave your buttocks exposed.

What Happens If Underwear for Men Are Too Tight?

Your testicles are designed to hang outside of your body because this keeps them a couple of degrees cooler than your typical body temperature. This is necessary to ensure the best sperm production.

In light of this, you should avoid wearing extremely tight underwear. Tight undergarments will push your scrotum against your body, which will increase your testes' temperature. Unfortunately, this can decrease your sperm count.

Perhaps you're ready to have a child but you're concerned about not producing enough sperm to fertilize your female partner's egg. In this situation, you may want to wear boxers that are loose-fitting, as they will provide your guys with more room to breathe.

Alternatively, you can wear boxer briefs. These undergarments feature built-in pouches where your scrotum can hang freely instead of being thrust against your body.

Best Men's Underwear Materials

In addition to paying attention to the shape of your men's underwear, you should consider the materials used to manufacture it. That's because the materials have a major impact on your underwear's comfort, quality, and longevity.

Let's take a peek at some of the commonly used materials in men's underwear.

Cotton Underwear

Cotton is one of today's most popular men's underwear fabrics, as it is a natural and light material. As a result, it is comfortable to wear for hours on end. Cotton also offers the benefit of being easy to wash.

Note that it's best for cotton underwear to also include elastic fibers, as this will give you even more comfort. For this reason, it's not uncommon to see underwear with blends of cotton and lycra, a synthetic fabric.

The main downside to this fabric is its moisture-absorbing property. Underwear made of a synthetic fabric, like nylon, may be a better option if you want to avoid becoming too swampy when working out (more on this later).

In addition, when you wash cotton underwear, your undergarments are susceptible to shrinking. You may also find that your underwear's colors won't hold long term. Cotton may additionally not feel as soft as you would like it to be.

Microfiber Underwear

Microfiber is a fine fiber that offers the softer feel you may be missing with your cotton underwear. This manmade fiber is created using rayon, polyimide, or polyester.

Nylon/Spandex Underwear

When shopping around for underwear, consider purchasing undergarments made with nylon or spandex as well.

Although cotton won't keep you feeling dry on a hot day or during an intense workout, nylon will. This synthetic material has earned a reputation for its rugged construction and stretching properties, which will give your underwear extra maneuverability.

Spandex is another synthetic fiber that is known for being extremely elastic. You will often find spandex or nylon in a blend of fabrics. You can check your desired underwear's label to see if it contains either of these fabrics.

Modal Underwear

Another increasingly popular men's underwear fabric is modal. This fabric, which is created using beech trees, is extremely breathable and comfortable. It's the product of a company called Lenzing in Austria.

This underwear option is several times the softness as cotton, and it won't shrink or fade in the wash. However, it's not as strong as cotton is when it's wet, although it mirrors cotton's strength when it is dry. Note also that modal fabric is susceptible to pulling.

Hallmarks of the Best Underwear for Men

An important quality of any underwear option you choose is its comfort level. As a general rule of thumb, cotton underwear remains the comfort king in the men's underwear market. This can be attributed to its breathability, as cotton contains tiny pores that effectively allow respiration.

In addition, even though cotton might not feature the same softness you'd find with modal, it's soft enough to get you through a long day of work or shopping.

Cotton is especially a handy choice for men with sensitive skin, as it is hypoallergenic. When you wear cotton undies, you likely won't have to worry about experiencing an allergic reaction, like skin irritation.

Yet another hallmark of top-tier men's underwear is its durability.

It's best to view undergarments as yet another investment you're making.

Cheaper undergarments may shrink or fade over time, meaning you'll have to replace them more frequently. However, higher-quality underwear is more likely to stand the test of time, in addition to feeling softer and more luxurious. In light of this, better-quality undergarments may be worth the bigger upfront investment.

If you've developed a sound rotation for your underwear, you can expect well-made undergarments to last you for many years. Quality undergarments will always pay off long term.

Keep in mind, though, that you don't necessarily have to make every single undergarment in your drawer the best you can find. Rather, think about the activities you do each day and week (for example, jogging or working at a computer), and then, choose pairs of underwear that suit those activities the best.

When to Buy Underwear

An important rule when it comes to owning men's underwear is to throw out your old underwear from time to time.

For some men, their old undergarments are sentimental, so they prefer to hold onto them. Meanwhile, other men get busy with the day-to-day activities of life and therefore pay the condition of their old underwear no mind.

However, both situations yield the same result: hanging on to undies when they are past their prime. Instead, men should toss their old, worn, and unpresentable underwear once per month if necessary. This includes any undergarments that are unsightly due to being ripped or looking gray when they used to look white.

In addition to purging your worn-out undergarments, try to buy new undergarments regularly. For instance, each time you go into your local salon for a haircut, make it a point to buy some new men's underwear as well.

You can make buying fresh underwear a habit by linking it to an activity you already perform regularly. Just make it another part of your routine.

Choosing Multiple Underwear Styles

Are you feeling stumped about which underwear style to go with? The good news is that you don't have to lock yourself into a single underwear style. Simply switch up your styles.

If you're committed to only briefs or boxers, that's fine, too. However, it's good to have some fun with undergarments by adding both types to your underwear collection. And if you've never tried boxer briefs or trunks, give them a try, too.

Perhaps wearing a thong or bikini has never crossed your mind. Now is the perfect time to give it a try as well. Try to own at least a single pair of every men's underwear style, and feel free to try different cuts, fabrics, and colors as well (more on colors next).

As you begin to make underwear wearing a fun experience, your partner will have a good time with it, too. It's a win-win situation.

Switching up your underwear will allow you to keep your relationship fresh in your bedroom. Your skivvies aren't necessarily the cure-all you may be seeking for subpar bedroom skills. But it can't hurt to playfully add different ones to the mix.

Men's Underwear Hues

Plain white men's underwear is a thing of the past. Men's underwear comes in a variety of patterns and colors today.

Perhaps you usually wear thick and dark pants, like denim, calvary twill, or dark flannels. Your underwear's pattern or color won't show through your clothing. For this reason, you can choose whatever underwear design you want.

In the summer months, though, you might wear light-colored and lightweight pants. These pants may include fine worsteds, seersucker pants, or cotton pants.

In this situation, you should wear solid-toned underwear. In addition, try to wear undergarments that fit close to the skin, like briefs.

Keep in mind that a solid-white undergarment will show under white pants, as it contrasts with your skin color. Therefore, if your skin is light, darker underwear, like a gray option, would be more appropriate.

Alternatively, you can soak white cotton underwear in some black tea to give the undergarment a nude-hue look. This may be worth trying in a pinch since nude underwear can be difficult to find.

All in all, the more contrast you have between the tone of your skin and your underwear, the more visible your underwear will be through your shorts or pants.

Is It Okay to Go Commando?

Yes, going commando is okay from time to time. That's because it can promote greater air circulation. It can also decrease your risk of developing infections, as well as help with fertility by keeping your sperm production levels healthy.

Plus, going commando can feel great and be fun, making you feel sexy. However, not all situations are ideal for going underwear-less.

Going commando makes sense if you are planning a sexy night with a lady and the outcome is predictable. However, if you'll be dancing for hours before you take things to the bedroom, you'll need to wear some briefs containing nylon fabric that night, rather than going commando.

In addition, keep in mind that linen shorts or trousers will likely reveal your commando profile a bit too much. If you're going out and about without underwear, try to wear clothing that will make your undergarment status a little secret of yours -- one that you reveal only by choice.

How We Can Help

There's more that goes into buying men's underwear than you may think. As you search for the ideal men's underwear, explore the various types available in the market, ranging from boxers to briefs. Also, consider the above-listed benefits of various underwear materials, such as cotton and microfiber.

At Male Basics, we're proud to be your leading provider of the best men's underwear. From thongs to trunks, our underwear styles are sure to keep you feeling clean and comfortable from one moment to the next.

Contact us to learn more about our high-quality underwear for men, and order today!