Backpacking as a way of life?

Wherever you go you find backpackers. They are everywhere and have few characteristics in common: are very laid back, open to changes, and enjoy socialization. However, this is just a short and general description of them. But why is backpacking so attractive?

Let’s be honest, share a room at a hostel with strangers is not the coolest thing in the world. Every single person has been raised in different environments and has different backgrounds, so for sure not everyone will be as organized and clean as you. And you also have to be aware that some people snore and others, travel with their partner, so can be noisy and uncomfortable at times, nevertheless, for backpackers, these are just experiences.

The aim is just to travel

For them, people are just very interesting and they don’t see this as a problem. The aim is just to travel and discover as many places as possible and to do it money is key, so hostels are probably the best option.

Backpacking is something that real backpackers do for a minimum of 3 months, but to be honest, nowadays, there are plenty of people staying at hostels just because they cannot afford all the money to pay expensive hotels and instead of spending their savings in accommodation, they prefer to do it in food, tours and adventures in general.

The idea of backpacking is to take just the essentials with you in a backpack and go somewhere without the pressure of having to return on a certain date. You also start your trip in a specific place, but you never know where you will end up.

The reasons for going through journeys like this are multiple, but in general, people are looking for “life”. There is such a big difference between living and just existing, and many people are desperate to change their lives for something meaningful and full of fun.

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