Tips for a good sexting

Maybe not everyone is familiarized with the name of this common practice, but for sure, everyone has received pics or messages with high sexual content. This habit is more popular in young people, however, -as internet and smartphones are a big part in everyone’s life nowadays-no one is now exempt of it.

Sexting is the combination of the words “sex” and “text” and is practised especially in long-distance relationships although can be used too for those couples wanting to spice up their relationship. Is nice to do it when you both are relaxing and chilling at home, but try it when you are together at a family gathering or whilst they are at work.

One of the most popular practices in the modern times

Imagination is key so play with their mind as often as you can, but trying to be creative and fun. Picture this: your partner is talking with one of their colleagues and receive a message from you saying: “I really enjoyed with you last night and I cannot wait to have you on top of me doing …”. You will definitely blow their mind!

But hang on! A good recommendation would be to do sexting after you have had sex in real life at least once, otherwise, you can be disappointed as you don’t have a baseline and maybe your expectations can be higher than what reality is.

And do not be ashamed of expressing yourself. The more verbal you are, the better. Be very descriptive of how you feel and with the things that you plan to do to them next time you are together, but be honest and say things that you will actually feel comfortable to do as people will expect you to fulfil them all.

About the pics…Just relax and be yourself. Don’t think that you have to look like porn stars. Be sexy and do poses that your partner is not expecting you to do. The surprise factor is the most important. Dare to be bold!

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