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  1. Joe Snyder Bulge Singlet
    Joe Snyder Bulge Singlet
  2. Mob Men's Sexy All Over Sheer Body
    Mob Men's Sexy All Over Sheer Body
  3. Joe Snyder Body
    Joe Snyder Body
  4. Joe Snyder Inifinity Body Turquoise
    Joe Snyder Inifinity Body
  5. CandyMan 99445 Lace Lounge Pants
    CandyMan 99445 Lace Lounge Pants
  6. MOB Men's Lace Bodysuit
    MOB Men's Lace Bodysuit
  7. Joe Snyder Body White lace
    Joe Snyder Body Mesh
  8. CandyMan 99234 Pants
    CandyMan 99234 Pants
  9. CandyMan 99433 Best Man Kimono
    CandyMan 99433 Best Man Kimono
  10. CandyMan 99397 Harness Bodysuit
    CandyMan 99397 Harness Bodysuit
  11. CandyMan 99380 Bodysuit
    CandyMan 99380 Bodysuit
  12. CandyMan 99396 Harness Bodysuit
    CandyMan 99396 Harness Bodysuit
  13. CandyMan 99424 Lace Kimono
    CandyMan 99424 Lace Kimono
  14. CandyMan 99409 Harness Bodysuit
    CandyMan 99409 Harness Bodysuit
  15. CandyMan 99436 Halter Body-Jockstrap
    CandyMan 99436 Halter Body-Jockstrap
  16. CandyMan 99438 Floral Bodysuit
    CandyMan 99438 Floral Bodysuit
  17. CandyMan 99432 Inside Out Bodysuit
    CandyMan 99432 Inside Out Bodysuit

17 Items

per page
Set Ascending Direction

Sexy Body Suits

With the fashion industry booming with the output of new designers, sexy bodysuits and one-piece body are all the rage right now. Body suits for men are designed to adhere to your body while making you look sexy as hell. Looking for something that will cover your body while feeling like you're wearing nothing at all? Every MOB Eroticwear body-suit has exquisitely delicate embroidered rose design lace which hugs and caresses the contours of your body emphasizing its masculine shape. Are you longing for a really unique one-piece? Joe Snyder options are perfect to show off your physique, built with their quality construction, each garment features flat, silver colored rings attach the front pouch to the straps that go up over your shoulders and down your back to produce a very seductive V shape that draws the eye all the way to your butt. Malebasics is your one-stop shop for all your sheer one-piece body suits. The craftsmanship of the brands available reinvent the classic suits to create luxury staples for your underwear wardrobe. Add easy online orders, quick shipping methods, the most unique selection to your shopping experience and you've got yourself a winner. We always shipped discreetly for your peace of mind.