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Innovative Underwear for every man.

Because comfort shouldn’t cost more.


When our company was founded back in 2003 (you know, the year The Matrix Reloaded hit theatres? We know, we’re old), we had already perfected our state-of-the-art underwear technology: The Pouch Underwear. That’s right, all the way back in 2003, we were already in possession of some very precious cargo.

True to our name, at MaleBasics we have always believed when it comes to intimate apparel, less is more. Or in other words, the less junk you have near your junk the better, am I right? In order to bring this concept to life, we used our patented pouch technology to create the ultimate pair of ergonomic underwear.


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Cotton USA/ Lycra Fabric
Isolataing Performance Pouch:
Pulls and Fits for Extra Comfort and Support
7 Individual Construction Panel:
The undie moves with you, no ride up
Ultra durable quality

Every single pair of boxers and boxer briefs is designed with seven different panels. Why? Because our bodies are constantly moving, and we think our underwear should move with us. Each panel is cut with precision laser machines (the future is here, people) and then sewn together using the latest technology to produce completely flat seams. We use lycra threaded filaments so each panel moves without tearing.

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Think of our pouch like a ladle, a soft and gentle ladle that contains your most precious cargo. Our pouch will hold and secure your precious man parts by separating them from your legs and giving them their own space to breathe. Best of all, the pouch softly scoops you up, without causing any bunching (say goodbye to that annoying extra fabric between your legs). Unlike other underwear brands that feature inner panels or pockets, we keep it clean and comfy. After all, who wants to put more junk next to their junk?

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