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Women have been enjoying all of the joys of lace, leather and silk against their skin for hundreds of years. Sexy underwear has been exclusively reserved for the female gender forever — but times are changing. Men's lingerie is the hottest emerging trend of 2020 and beyond. When you think about it, the fact that men have been missing out on the joys of lacy underwear is nothing short of a catastrophe.

At MaleBasics, we've got the best sexy lingerie for men you could dream of. From cute peephole lace briefs to mesh pouches and spaghetti straps, there's a look — and feel — for everyone.

Men's Lingerie Is a Hot New Trend

According to The Guardian, male lingerie looks set to replace the baggy boxers and string vests of yesteryear. Wave goodbye to Tighty-Whities and throw your lucky boxers in the trash — men's lace underwear has arrived and it's here to stay. They look incredible and feel even better.

Experience confidence from within when you wear gorgeous fabrics snugly pressed against your skin. You can wear them for yourself or to let your partner know they're in for a night of hot passion.

Gender Norms Are Shifting!

With superstars like Rhianna marketing her skincare and fashion range to men and women and Harry Styles suggesting that gender is on a spectrum, now is truly the time to break free from gender roles. There's no rule book that says men must wear boring plain underwear and avoid fabrics that feel sexy and boost confidence in the way men's lace lingerie can.

Lingerie for men is a challenge to traditional gender roles that feels naughty but nice. Thousands of guys all around the world are opening their eyes to the joys and pleasures of wearing sexy men's lingerie.

How to Choose the Perfect Lingerie for Men

There's no denying that seducing someone when you're dressed up in sexy lingerie is a powerful feeling. Not only do you feel more desirable, but you can even set the tone for the type of play you enjoy together. For example, open-bottomed men's lace underwear is excellent for a touch of spanking. Go for zipper mirror boxers if you're planning on doing a striptease for your partner before seducing them. Read on to find out more.

Select Your Cheeky Style

Style is everything when it comes to choosing sexy lingerie for men... Which asset do you want to show off the most? Jockstraps leave little to the imagination while a teardrop string thong leaves even less to guess. You can even get bodysuits that hug your muscles to show you off in your most erotic light. G-strings and lace open boxers are ideal for guys who want to look as naughty as they feel.

Find the Perfect Material

Some people would argue that lingerie is all about the feel. Each person has their own preference when it comes to fabric, but the sensation of a delicate and elegant item of clothing against your nether regions is undeniably erotic. This is particularly true for men who have never tried it before — there's nothing quite like breaking a taboo. Whether you like fishnet, lace, mirror material or mesh, there's something here for you.

Get the Right Size

Some of our pieces are available in two sizes — small/medium and large/extra-large. Because the material is designed to fit snugly, this satisfies most sizes. If you're a man who happens to be in between sizes, go to your wardrobe and check out the size of your apparel. If they're mainly small or medium, go for S/M and if they're mainly large or extra-large, go for L/XL.

The Top Five Reasons Men Should Try Lingerie

1. Break the Taboo and Try Men's Lace Lingerie

Sometimes tradition goes out of fashion and becomes plain-old outdated. We are at the stage where the unspoken rule that men should show their manliness by wearing uninspired underwear is old news. Break a taboo and try lacy men's underwear for yourself. When you feel free to wear what you want to wear and be who you want to be — you're staying true to yourself.

Let's face it, most men have been wearing the same style of undergarment since they were young lads. Imagine how exciting it will be to make a change and start wearing underwear that makes you look and feel fantastic.

2. Boxers and Briefs Are Boring Compared to Male Lingerie

The main reason it's time to make the switch from boring briefs and boxers over to sexy lingerie for men is because it's more fun for everyone. When you spice it up and pay attention to detail — you'll inspire the same reaction from your partner. You can both wear sexy lingerie and feel totally awesome.

You can choose from a broad range of shapes and designs — or try one of each style to see which one you like best. Jockstraps, thongs, boyshorts and sexy harnesses and briefs are the most popular.

3. Show Off Your Assets in Men's Lace Underwear

Even if you don't spend hours at the gym every week, you should feel proud of your body and love yourself for you. Wearing sexy underwear shows off your bulge and your bum in their best light. There's no reason why women's bodies should steam all of the limelight.

4. Men Can Take Care of Themselves Too

These days, it's just as important that a man sticks to a skincare regime and styles his hair as it is for women. Men's clothes are no longer as limited and boring as they were, so there's no reason why their underwear should remain that way. Take care of yourself for the inner confidence it brings and to keep your partner enticed and excited.

5. Feeling Great Looks Good

When you feel amazing, it shines through in your day-to-day life. If you want to feel confident, self-assured and on top of the world — dress sexy underneath your clothes.

Buy Sexy Lingerie for Men

Shop men's lingerie today to feel awesome and spice up your experience in the bedroom — whether it's solo or with a partner.