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    Pikante 1095 Oomph Mesh Jockstrap
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Underwear for Men: 8 Newest Trends for Men's Underwear

You spend 24 hours per day in your undies -- from the boardroom to the bedroom. If your current skivvies don't make you feel both comfortable and sexy, it's time to say "out with the old and in with the new."

Ideally, you should get new underwear every six months to 12 months. So, if you can't remember when last you shopped for undies, now couldn't be a better time to upgrade your men's underwear stash.

The question is, what's trending in the world of underwear for men?

Here's a rundown of the eight newest trends for men's underwear styles in 2023.

Let's dig in!

1. Color Craze

Bye, bye, white! One of the top trends in men's underwear this year is an increased focus on colorful underwear for men.

A wide range of vibrant hues is taking the men's underwear industry by storm -- colors like yellow, red, royal blue, turquoise, and even coral. You'll also find men's underwear in captivating hues like burgundy, wine, and emerald.

Wanting something even more off the wall? Consider getting men's underwear in hard-to-miss graphic prints. We're talking about prints that look like splashes of paint, or ones with comic-style images.

Bright underwear colors and prints have a way of enhancing the pouch's shape. Just as bright clothing can draw all eyes to you, vibrant undies are a great way to make a statement and show off your outgoing and fun side.

2. Boxer Brief Bash

Another men's underwear trend is an unmatched appreciation for the men's boxer brief.

Boxer briefs remain the most in-demand underwear choice among men. That's because these hybrids of boxers and briefs (more on briefs later) provide the benefits of both underwear styles.

Boxer briefs offer the security and safety of briefs. At the same time, they provide the flexibility and comfort of boxers -- with no chafing.

The best part? You can rest assured that no matter how you're built, boxer briefs will look excellent on you. These undies are friendly to all figures.

Note that both longer and shorter boxer briefs are available.

Shorter ones provide a body-defining, smooth, and sleek fit beneath clothes like skinny or slim pants. Meanwhile, longer ones work well with loose bottoms, like relaxed-fit pants and longer shorts.

When looking for longer boxer briefs, look for ones made from spandex and polyester. The polyester's moisture-wicking quality will help you to stay dry on the most active days. And the spandex's stretchiness translates to better-fitting underwear for your bod.

3. Endowment Infatuation

Yet another trend in men's underwear involves choosing underwear that makes you look more generously endowed.

In the past, some men were leery about flaunting their manhood with the help of pouch underwear, like pouch briefs or pouch thongs (more on thongs later). Pouch undergarments feature specially designed pouches that separate men's thighs from their testicles.

However, showing off your assets is a good thing: It will allow you to stand out for all the right reasons. And if you're self-conscious about your size, pouch underwear is the perfect way to make you look rounder and fuller.

Men of every shape and size can benefit from pouch underpants.

4. Trunk Trend

Trunks are also becoming increasingly popular among men. These undergarments are a cross between briefs and boxer shorts. However, they're shorter, and the cut is higher.

Trunks are a trend because these undies make moving easy and comfy. They protect the legs like boxer briefs do, but they also offer the level of support you'd expect from briefs.

Another bonus of trunks is that they'll easily show off your attributes, making them look virile and bulky.

Note that both traditional trunks and mini trunks, a shorter version of traditional trunks, can elevate your look.

5. Men's Performance Underwear

Performance underwear, microfiber underwear designed specifically for active men, is also taking the men's underwear industry by storm. This timeless underwear option is popular for multiple reasons.

First, performance underwear is ultra-masculine. As a result, it appeals to every man's inner jock.

Second, it's perfect for running, working out, and hitting the gym. And it is designed to look great on you even if you don't have body muscles and thigh cuts -- yet.

And third, it won't cause chafing. That's because microfiber, which is stretchy and fits the body well, will conveniently hug the thighs when you're exercising or playing sports. That means you'll be able to move confidently and without irritation.

Another benefit of microfiber underwear is that it will give your butt the perfect shape, allowing the gluteal muscles to stay pumped.

If you enjoy high-intensity interval training, look specifically for fast-drying boxer briefs or boxers. They are created with comfort and breathability in mind.

6. A Thong Song

No list of the top men's underwear trends would be complete without the men's thong -- one of today's sexiest underwear options (more on sexy underwear later).

More men are switching from briefs and boxer briefs for several reasons. For starters, thongs don't feature visible pant lines. This makes them ideal to wear with tight shorts or trousers.

In addition, because thongs don't come with much material, air can circulate more with thongs compared with standard underwear. You'll especially appreciate this if you play sports or live in a warm climate.

Thongs also offer excellent front support, as the pouch in front will keep your essentials lifted.

With a thong, you may additionally find it easier to move your legs, as this type of underwear doesn't feature side material. Again, this is a win for sports lovers.

Finally, thongs are sexy, providing a seductively naked feel. When you wear this type of underwear, you'll look sexy and feel just as irresistible.

7. Brief Mania

Although briefs have taken a back seat to other types of underwear, like boxer briefs, in recent years, they are slowly coming back into the fashion-world spotlight.

Men's briefs may not seem very attractive or sexy, but they remain one of the trendiest underwear styles for a couple of reasons.

One, they are comfy to wear. And two, they aren't visible underneath clothing, so no clothing style is off-limits with them.

When shopping for briefs, look for cotton options. Cotton briefs will give you plenty of support and softness combined with some added stretch for plenty of flexibility.

These types of briefs are also breathable. They're made to get rid of undesired moisture and will therefore keep you dry and cool from one hour to the next.

And because they're designed to stay put, you won't have to worry about them shifting on you when you are in motion.

8. Sexy Men's Underwear

Finally, sexy underwear is picking up steam among men.

Don't be surprised if you see more men's underwear featuring feminine materials, like mesh, fishnet, and lace. These materials will perfectly show off your male form, making you look more masculine and sensual.

Fishnet underwear is especially a good choice for accentuating your muscular definition, as it applies a grid to your body. Meanwhile, lace is the perfect choice if you're looking to add some glamour to your undergarment. Plus, its veiled-yet-bare look will add a little more mystery when you're getting ready to enjoy a romp in the sack.

Sexy undies are available in multiple forms, ranging from briefs to shorts and trunks. You can even find jockstraps and bodysuits designed to take your sexy vibe to a new level.

For instance, consider surprising your significant other with a lace jockstrap featuring a pouch, an exposed back, and leg bands. These jockstraps will feel soft and silky against the skin. They'll also give you a trim look.

An erotic bodysuit is also perfect to wear during your next bedroom session. It will caress and hug your body in all of the right places, showing off your masculine shape. Look for one that features spandex and nylon, as these materials will allow your bodysuit to stretch while still maintaining its shape.

How We Can Help with Underwear for Men

If you're looking for the latest in underwear for men, consider sexy underwear for men, like the jockstrap or singlet bodysuit. Consider also adding an eye-catching thong, trunks, boxer briefs, and briefs of various colors to your undergarment drawer.

At Male Basics, we take pride in offering trendy and stylish men's underwear for all occasions. Our undergarments are perfect for spicing up those intimate moments and keeping you feeling comfortable no matter what the day brings.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our underwear for men, and shop today!