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If you're a man looking to spice up your life, consider buying sexy underwear. And by sexy underwear, we mean men's thongs. We know what you might be thinking but before you make any judgments, hear us out!

Underwear for men is often uncomfortable, bland, and boring! But who said undergarments have to be this way? So if you're ready to get out of your comfort zone, keep reading our guide to string thongs and more!

History of Guys In Thongs 

Men's thongs were first worn around 42,000 BCE by Africans in Minoan. Then in 250CE, Japanese men began wearing them during sumo wrestling. And this tradition still goes on today.

Thongs were mostly worn by men for many decades. It wasn't until the modernization of women's apparel that thongs became popular in western society. 

In fact, it wasn't until 1939, that the garment became popular in the world’s fair. And by then. men and women wore the garment because of the cool design, soft fabric, and modern design!

How to Wear Men's Thongs

The best underwear brands know how to tailor their thongs to fit all body types! This means it doesn't matter if you have a small, muscular, or heavier built, there will be a pair of underwear that fits you.

But you might be wondering what's the best way to wear men's thongs? For starters, you can pair a sexy thong with just about anything! Let's say you're having a casual day at the office, you can wear a solid colored thong with your suit.

This combo is the best for workdays because you'll feel airy and free all day. So you won't have to sit through another day of awkward sweating and stickiness. 

Another great way to wear a thong is with shorts or joggers. A lot of the time when you wear regular underwear with these kinds of clothing items, you'll experience building or underwear lines. However, if you wear a thong instead you'll appear more put together and you won't have to worry about bulging.

The last way you can wear a sexy thong is in the bedroom! And no, we're not talking about a romantic night, although you could definitely do that too.  

Thongs are actually very comfortable to sleep in and they provide a lot of support. So if you're those kinds of people that like to sleep with minimal clothing on, consider wearing a thong to bed. 

The design of the thong will make you feel airy and free but it'll still give your body enough support. And this is very important, especially if you like to toss and turn during your sleep.

What Kind of Fabric Are Men's Thongs Made From?

Men's thongs come in a variety of colors and fabrics. However, the most popular fabric is a combination of nylon and spandex materials. Some thongs will have a higher percentage of one material than the other. 

For example, you might see a description that says there's 80% nylon with 20% spandex. What this means is that a dual material was used to make the thongs to make it more durable and stretchy. 

You can also find men's thongs that are made with 100% lace or cotton. However, these tend to have less stretch and support. Nevertheless, they are still a great pick for many men.

Are Men's Thongs Sanitary?

The answer is an absolute yes! If you properly clean your thongs and have good hygiene, you will have no problems with male thongs. Some men do experience an increase in sweat during the first few days. 

However, this only happens because your body is getting used to the new feel of the thong! But after a while, male thongs could help with odor problems because they're a lot more secure than regular underwear.

Lastly, male thongs are easier to clean and hold fewer bacteria when compared to other underwear styles. Keep reading the article to learn how to clean your sexy thongs!

How to Properly Clean Thongs

Male thongs look very delicate but they are actually very easy to clean especially if you get the luxury materials. Its recommended that you clean your thongs after every wear. 

Some men choose to clean them by hand and then air dry them. However, men's thongs can be washed in a machine without getting damaged. All you need to do is set the water to a cold wash, add a sulfate-free detergent, set the machine to delicate.

After this, you can air dry or tumble dry your thongs in the machine. And if you buy from the best underwear brands, you won't have any problems with shrinking or color changes!

How Men's Thongs Are Changing Everything 

Underwear brands all over the world, market their thongs to be the "best". But what actually qualifies something like underwear, to be the "best"? Well first, we must look at comfortability, fabric, and breathability!

These are all factors that men look out for when buying a collection of men's thongs. But there are also other factors to consider when buying thongs! Keep reading to learn more. 

They’ll Bring Out a Newfound Confidence 

When men first start wearing different underwear styles like sexy thongs, they may not feel too comfortable. But just like shoes, thongs need to be broken in as well! 

So if you're a beginner, search for underwear brands that promise to give you that sexy look without that uncomfortable feeling. Once you find the perfect men's thong that hugs your body the right way, you'll start to feel more comfortable and confident!

No More Awkward Underwear Lines

Some men, wear thongs for the sex appeal, while others wear them because of their invisible design. No one wants underwear lines to show through especially when you have an important date, meeting, or just a fun day out!

Underwear lines can make your outfit appear tacky and cheap. However, by investing in the best men's underwear styles, you'll be sure to have a clean and uniform look every time!

Your Package Sits Comfortable

Let's get a little personal, after all, we are discussing underwear! For starters, men's thongs are able to conform to your specific size and shape. This means no more chaffing, drooping, or bulkiness. And let's be honest, these are all benefits that regular boxers just can't accomplish. 

There Are Many Styles to Choose From

This is where we get into the fun part of string thongs! Everyone wants to show their personality somehow and string thongs are definitely a way to do that. Companies like Joe Snyder have been able to incorporate solid colors, crazy designs, and patterns into their collections.

That's why so many people rave about these companies! A popular thong design for many men is the "Thong Sock" design. This kind of string thong holds your "package" in a cup-like design while the back has some butt crack cleavage

This kind of style is very popular amongst beach and party-goers since they're more on the scandalous side. However, if you're looking for something with more coverage, you could try a regular g-string instead!

You Can Join a Mens Thong Subsricption Club 

This may sound strange but by joining a subscription club, you can actually save money and get new products delivered every month!

As you may know, Male Basics is a very popular subscription for underwear for men. They have a wide variety of collections of men's thongs so if you like trying out new styles, joining the club could be the right choice for you!

The club works by sending you a package that is valued at $40 but you only pay $25 per month! But before we send anything out, you must read the terms and conditions which are very straight forward and then agree to the terms!

Once you've done this, you can start curating your own personal style of men's thong underwear. And once you see the product has been added to your wishlist, the company will send you exy underwear that is tailored for you!

You might be thinking, what if I still dont like the products that are sent out? Luckily, this subscription allows you to return unwanted products for free. Lastly, you can opt out at any time so you're not held under any contracts!

They Are Very Versatile

Believe it or not, a sexy thong can go a long way! You can wear a male thong on a romantic date, party, nude beach, club, or maybe use it as a costume. 

Whatever you decide, a male thong will always be part of your wardrobe somehow. So you'll be sure to get your money's worth!

Men and Women Are Turned on by Sexy Underwear

Every woman or man loves to see their partner in a sexy lace thong every now and then. But unfortunately, because of societal views, some men feel uncomfortable wearing thongs. However, you shouldn't let this double standard stop you from freeing yourself and showing your sexy side especially if it's in the privacy of your bedroom.

Thongs Take Up Less Space

Are you tired of your boxers taking up all your space in your dresser? And maybe you spend hours doing laundry just to see another pile of dirty boxers. 

Luckily, with sexy thongs, you'll have more space in your dresses since the designs of these underwear styles are very simple and petite. And you'll also spend less time doing laundry since these take little space and time to clean!

Stop the Roleplay and Just Wear a Thong

Laungerrau and role-playing outfits are very expensive nowadays. Not to mention, they're often made from cheap material that tears and shrinks over time. 

So for your next anniversary, wear a men's thong instead! It's simple but it gives your partner easy accessibility. Not to mention you'll be sure to leave your partner wowed.  

They Push You to Go to the Gym 

Some people look at pictures for motivations or health magazines. But a more effective way to lose weight is by buying a male thong.

This may sound strange but hear us out! When you put on a sexy thong, you'll feel more confident and comfortable. Therefore, you'll want to hit the gym to keep up with your fitness goals. And if you haven't met your fitness goals yet, a thong can help you remember what you need to be doing!

No More Lines and Body Shifting 

Many people don't notice how badly regular underwear shifts your body. In fact, some male underwear can cause deformed butt cheeks and a line going across the abdomen. 

This happens because regular men's underwear doesn't conform and hug the body, the way a male thong can. And over time this will take a toll on your body's natural shape. So wear males thong's instead so you can avoid these unwanted body changes.

You Can Express Your Individuality

Most importantly, wearing what makes you comfortable wethers that's a male thong or your lucky t-shirt, is important. So expresses your individuality and start wearing what you want! 

Don't let double standards and gender role stereotypes control you. If wearing a sexy male thong makes you feel the most like yourself, then wear it proudly and comfortably.

Get a Pair Today

Men's thongs are becoming more and more popular. So don't wait any longer and start wearing your dream underwear. Remember that if it makes you feel confident, it's worth investing.

So if you're ready to get the latest male thong designs, sign up for our subscription club today!