How To Spice Up Your Sex Life With Halloween Costumes

Do you and your partner want to spice up your sex life? Good news — Halloween is just around the corner. This holiday is a great opportunity for you to experiment with some sexy roleplay! Check out this delightfully devilish list of sex positions based off of Pornhub’s top trending costumes.

Ride em’ cowgirl

On Halloween, the cowgirl position is the number 1 search for men. This position is perfect for couples who are dressing up as a sexy cowboy or cowgirl. Cowgirl is quite simple — all you have to do is kneel on top of your partner, use your hands to gently push off their chest, and then slide up and down (as fast or slow as you like). If you want to be extra adventurous, widen your knees or bring them closer to their body. We have a feeling you’re going to enjoy your journey through the wild, west West!

Harley Quinn & Joker

According to Pornhub, Harley Quinn and Joker are the top searches for both male and female audiences. If you or your partner are dressed as Harley Quinn, switch things up by doing the reverse cowgirl position. Have your partner lay down and mount them in the opposite direction. Harley Quinn loves to take charge and play rough. Whoever is on top will be in control, creating a hot dynamic between you and your lover. And of course, don’t forget to wear poker-print briefs for the mischievous occasion.

Devious Dracula

 Vampires are an awesome costume choice, especially when you’re into exchanging sensual bites and kisses. To get into the mood, do the spooning sex position and playfully nibble on your partner’s neck and back. This position can also be done standing up with one leg around your partner, giving you easy neck access for those tender but thrilling bites.

 Super Spidey-Senses

 We have all seen that iconically steamy scene in Spiderman where Spidey and Mary Jane are kissing upside down. Why not recreate the scene by having sex upside down? Get into the handstand position with your feet leaning against the wall. Your spidey senses surely will be tingling! Put on some spicy underwear that you can easily slip off.

Teacher’s Pet

 Are you or your partner dressing like a school teacher? Then definitely try doggy style. Woof! The partner who is being penetrated gets on all fours, while the other person kneels behind them with their upper body straight up or slightly draped over. Is the teacher’s pet misbehaving and being a little naughty? It may be time to lightly spank them with a ruler.

 Halloween is your chance to show a more adventurous side to your sexuality. However, things can happen. If you are having issues getting hard or keeping an erection, you should look into viagra and other scientifically proven ED medications. With telehealth platforms you can get a prescription for viagra online if a medical professional approves and have it sent directly to your doorstep. ED doesn’t have to impact your sex life — get prepared ahead of time!


Written by: Julia B.

From friends to lovers: how to survive in the attempt

Do you believe in boy-girl friendships? Do you think that it can last for a long time without any of the parties falling in love? I hope you never make the big mistake of getting involve with your best friend whilst being drunk at a party, but if you have done it, these are questions that you are probably asking yourself.

You probably have one friend with who you met at the kindergarten or maybe, at uni and you have been inseparable ever since. You can barely imagine your life without each other! And let me tell you a secret… did you know that studies have shown that most of the times men are the first in falling in love with women?

When love have always been in the air

Well the good news is that marriages and long-term relationships in general, tend to last longer when there was a friendship before a relationship. As you know, love suffers a transformation over time and so, there has to be something stronger between you two to be able to go throughout difficult times. That strong thing can perfectly be a friendship.

Hollywood and love

Let’s be honest, when we think about a partner, we expect someone perfect, almost like actors in Hollywood movies are, whereas when it comes to friends, we just expect loyalty from them. The input? People that we love for who they really are and not who we imagine they are.

The best of a relationship that you are starting with a friend? You already know very well each other, but be careful because you can get surprised. Some people can be very different in each aspect, so try to go slow and be prepared for new things.

Downsides? If the relationship doesn’t work, you will lose your friendship too and this is why you both have to be very sure about your feelings, however, you can have a soulmate for the rest of your life if love is successful, so it definitely is worthwhile.



Gay Kamasutra guide

Creativity is a virtue and a must in long-term relationships. Suggest always something new can be tricky and unavoidably, the scary routine shows up. Our recommendation? Don’t rely just on sex because it becomes normal too.

However, we need to understand the big impact that sex has not just in our lives, but in relationships too. Sex is not just about pleasure. Sex is about connection and confidence too. We have selected a variety of gay sex positions that are sure to be a hit in your bedroom.


If you just came out and are starting to try with anal sex this is a good position for you as a bottom because you can have everything under control. This position is about riding your man’s cock and the good part of it is that you can go your own pace.

Not a huge fan of beds?

Bending over can be your one! but keep in mind that is up to the top to make out of this an enjoyable experience for the bottom or not. What is the key? Communication and finding the right angle!

First than nothing, you both need to make sure that you enjoy to fuck hard. Can be helpful for the bottom if he is the one who leads the action, being who backs onto the top’s cock.

A romantic?

This is the perfect position if you want to continue watching a film and meanwhile have some intimacy: On the side. The bottom needs to lay on their side and be ready for lots of kisses in the neck. Enjoy!

Have you lost the excitement?

You have to try with standing positions. The bodyguard is the most classic. The bottom faces away from the top and the top enters from behind.

Adventurous and really active?

This one is something that you have to try, the suspended congress, but keep in mind that a sporty lifestyle is a must, especially for the top who will need to pick up the bottom. The bottom also needs to wrap with his arms the top, in order to bring more support. For more comfort, you can try it doing the act against a wall.



Coming out

Homosexuality became a trend. This is a big fact, although some questions come to my mind: Are there more gay people now? Or is it just simply because people feel more supported now? Nevertheless, nowadays what we are finding in our society is that lots of our friends are coming out of the closet and people now prefer to have pets instead of children.

Modern times have changed the way we love

Did something change? Yes, our society is more open-minded, but there is still something that people cannot bear: lies, especially in relationships and is starting to become popular the fact that long relationships and marriages are ending because one of them confess that is gay.

And come on! Is not that they are realizing this just now. They are just feeling that they cannot resist one more day with this big lie. At the end of the day is easier to cheat on everyone else than ourselves.

How can I face this process in my life?

This will always be difficult no matter what your situation is, but to be fair, it can be more complicated if you have already formed a family with your partner because for you is about to start a new life, but for them is usually a longer process.

Is common for the other part involved to get upset at the very beginning as it is difficult to understand, but is a must for you to realize that once you talk about it, you have to move on with your life no matter how tough it can get.

It might seem obvious but many people often pretend to confess how they feel and continue with their current lives and relationships as they are really attached to them without realizing how painful it can be. The most common reaction tends to be that people feel cheated.

Things can be very complicated as the other person starts wondering what they did wrong, so the best thing to do is to be as honest as you can and find help from a counsellor or close friends and be determined to face and go throughout the new life that you have to begin.



How to get over a breakup

It is time to face reality: nothing hurts more than a breakup. It doesn’t matter if you stayed together for years or for a couple of weeks, you will always feel the same, like the world is getting over for you. However, we have the theory that the worst scenario is when you couldn’t even start to date and we think it kills you because in a long-term relationship at least you had the opportunity to live something, whereas in the other case, you have to keep all your hopes and plans for you.

Loving is not always a happy experience

It is well known that women do the mourning first than men and the explanation for it can be reduced to the fact of allowing themselves to be sad. I am not suggesting that you have to be depressed or make a drama out of this, but breaking up with someone is still a lost and many aspects in your life change because of that. Understand that this feeling is absolutely normal.

Nevertheless, make sure that you don’t “fall too deep”. You will need lots of self-esteem and self-love to get up again and continue with your life. Some “me time” is required.

Don’t lose the objectivity. It is good to analyze what happened and learn from the situation, but don’t keep bringing this to your mind for a long time as this won’t help. Forgive yourself first and then do the same with the other person, even if they didn’t apologize. What is important now is to clean your heart and hate is never a good option.

I know that you probably don’t feel like going out, but changing the places that remind you about them is good, so make plans with your friends and do activities that you love: go shopping, jogging, or just gather with close people. Anyway, don’t make your breakup the focus of the conversation as your mind need to start thinking about different stuff.

And last but not least, forget about social media. It is hard to resist the temptation of stalking them and their friends, so avoid what you know that can hurt you even more. Now is time to think about the dreams and goals that you put aside and start pursuing them again. Remember that a busy mind never misses someone.








Best sex apps

Never underestimate the power of your brain when it comes to sex because everything begins there. Whether you are just starting to date someone or have been into a relationship for years, we all need sex to be enjoyable and never part of the tiring routine.

You will never be bored again!

And we have good news for you, your smartphone can now also help you to spice up your relationship. Don’t worry, there are many apps and each of them are different, so for sure, you can find one to suit your needs and personality. There are thousands of them, but we want to tell you about our favourites sex apps. Are you ready?

  1. There is nothing more awkward than having sex with someone that you are really interested in, but have been dating for just a couple of days. In case this is your situation, we can recommend you Durex Experiment that consist in 4 weeks where you and your partner will be stimulated with different erotic challenges whilst you record your excitement level and heart rate. After the time is over you will be able to tell what are your partner’s favourites positions and things to do whilst in intimacy.

2. If you are a bold and open mind person, Desire is definitely the sex app for you. It is about daring that you and your partner need to complete in order to get points. The amazing thing about this one is that you can make plans around your dares, so monotony will no longer be part of your vocabulary.

  1. As we always say, communication is key when it comes to sex. If you are already a fan of sexting, Kindu will be an app that we guarantee you will enjoy because it is about being verbal but having the person next to you. Discover how many points in common you have with your couple!

4. Sex Roulette is for sure something that doesn’t surprise that much, but it is always good. You will be taken through 12 sex positions and 12 places.

  1. Sometimes can be hard to be innovative with the sex positions, but with Ikamasutra you have an amazing guide of them all. Good descriptions and images for you to really learn how to explore and have fun with your partner.


Something that adds and do not subtracts

Are you a romantic person? Have you ever heard a person saying “you are my another half”? We always idealize love and have so many expectations. We kind of endorse our responsibilities and pretend our significant other to meet them instead of being us doing that.

Love is about two people that are very different but manage to complement each other. By saying this I don’t mean that you are incomplete. You are already a whole, but to be honest, human beings are not ended products and so, there are people that do things better than we do and that is absolutely fine.

At the very beginning of a relationship, you see everything pink coloured. Your partner always smells good, dress nicely and make you feel that there is nothing above you, however, as love grows, the relationships has to transform itself and you need to understand this.

Love is not easy and perfect

When you are starting to date, your partner will stop doing their hobbies but after 6 months they will go back to them. The reason? You were a person with a job, friends and hobbies before the relationship began, but people keep losing their own space and “life” after falling in love. HUGE MISTAKE!

And yes, compatibility is a must. Do you know why relationships fail? We don’t see the signs. We start dating someone that is addict to the gym and cares so much about the diet, whilst you don’t like to exercise and don’t count every single calorie that you intake. This example might sound silly, but think about it… You will hate when they say that cannot drink alcohol because it has too much sugar, they cannot come to visit you because they need 3 hours at the gym… Is this something that can realistically last? Of course not! Lifestyles should be compatible too.

Stop believing in what Hollywood sells to us throughout the romcoms. You will not find “the perfect guy” “your soulmate” or “your charming prince”, but you can find someone that really value who you are and make you feel special and loved even having flaws.

Loving someone is not easy and it is a road full of bumps, but if they make you be a better version of yourself and add happiness to your life, then there is hope! Never be afraid of loving.



Tips for a good sexting

Maybe not everyone is familiarized with the name of this common practice, but for sure, everyone has received pics or messages with high sexual content. This habit is more popular in young people, however, -as internet and smartphones are a big part in everyone’s life nowadays-no one is now exempt of it.

Sexting is the combination of the words “sex” and “text” and is practised especially in long-distance relationships although can be used too for those couples wanting to spice up their relationship. Is nice to do it when you both are relaxing and chilling at home, but try it when you are together at a family gathering or whilst they are at work.

One of the most popular practices in the modern times

Imagination is key so play with their mind as often as you can, but trying to be creative and fun. Picture this: your partner is talking with one of their colleagues and receive a message from you saying: “I really enjoyed with you last night and I cannot wait to have you on top of me doing …”. You will definitely blow their mind!

But hang on! A good recommendation would be to do sexting after you have had sex in real life at least once, otherwise, you can be disappointed as you don’t have a baseline and maybe your expectations can be higher than what reality is.

And do not be ashamed of expressing yourself. The more verbal you are, the better. Be very descriptive of how you feel and with the things that you plan to do to them next time you are together, but be honest and say things that you will actually feel comfortable to do as people will expect you to fulfil them all.

About the pics…Just relax and be yourself. Don’t think that you have to look like porn stars. Be sexy and do poses that your partner is not expecting you to do. The surprise factor is the most important. Dare to be bold!

Relationships are our best teachers

Have you wondered why you always find the same flaws in people, no matter what their role in your life is? Bosses, friends and partners are usually all that you don’t want and hate or at least, the opposite of you.

You attract what you need

I know is easier to accept them, in the case of your colleagues and bosses, because they are not people that you choose for your life, however, the real truth behind this is that all those “flaws” or behaviours are also something that you have, even if this looks difficult to recognize or believe.

It will become clearer if I give you an example. You know you have a back, right? But you can only see it if you go in front of a mirror. Exactly this is what happens with people; what you hate from them are also things that are part of you but you don’t recognize them or want to accept them because for random reasons you have understood that is not good.

The easiest thing to do when you don’t like something about someone is to get upset with them, instead of thinking of what are they showing about yourself. Relationships are our best teachers and when I talk about relationships I am not just talking about love. You have relationships with your bosses, friends, colleagues and every single person that plays an important role within your life, yes, even your roommate. As long as there are responsibilities to share, there is a relationship.

Always think about the reason why of a situation and what is it trying to teach you. Until you manage to forgive yourself in that aspect, you will not stop attracting the same kind of attitudes and behaviours with different faces. So do take the work and be grateful with all the “teachers” in your life. Everything has a purpose, which takes you to a better version of yourself.

Facts about oral sex

Are there any fans of oral sex? Because I am probably its biggest. However, there are many benefits and interesting facts that you probably didn’t know. Let’s check them and become an expert:

  1. You can get sexual illnesses if you don’t use a preservative. As well as your genitals, your mouth is very sensible, so keep in mind that buccal hygiene is something you need to take care of too.

2.     Is one of the best medicines to fight depression. Semen is full of oxytocin, which can help you to change your mood as it has serotonin, melatonin and thyrotropin. It acts as a relief for stress and sleeplessness too!

3.     Semen has a different taste according to the kind of food that the person consumes. Coffee, alcohol and garlic are not the best allies when you looking for better experiences for your partner. Water, citrus products and fruits are great options in this matter. However, this is not a change that will happen from one day to another. As everything in life, this takes time too.

4.     There is not a specific speed for it. Many people think that you should do it quickly, but the real fact is that you need to pay attention to the little details. Try different speeds and ways and see how your partner reacts to it.

5.     Oral sex is more pleasurable for men if you look at them. They are more visual so eye contact is a must if you want to take them to the moon!

6.     Semen is mainly made of protein and sugar, so it is absolutely fine if you want to swallow it. It doesn’t produce gastritis as many people think.

7.     It is good when you want to be creative and escape from the routine. This can be one of the best previous games before sex. Remember that everything counts and there are many ways to make your partner moan. Studies have shown that oral sex can produce more orgasms than penetration.


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