How often should I have sex with my partner?

This topic is something that worries more men than women, but the truth about this is: it changes from context to context as religion, beliefs and lifestyle may this vary! What is normal? It depends on the relationship and the moment you are going through.

What do you think is better? Quantity or quality? We privilege quality as there are many people just having sex because they feel they have to and not because they are willing to do it. No one like to fake an orgasm, do we?!

When you are starting to date someone, the dopamine levels increase and is when you see life as perfect, you are always happy and are full of energy. In this stage relationships are intense and it’s normal to have sex 1 to 3 times per day, then it can reduce to 3 times per week and in long term relationships, it can dramatically decrease to the minimum of once a month.

When we say we want sex, what we are really looking for is satisfaction and here is important to highlight the fact of worrying about the joy of both, you and your partner. Commonly you see couples who never talk about their likes and dislikes and they end up having problems because at the beginning of the relationship one of them faked pleasure and this is not something you can hold for too long.

Be open and keep in mind that people usually lie about their sexual life, so enjoy and dare to learn new things and surprise your significant other! At the end of the day is all what really matters.

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